Posted by: angelnorman | August 25, 2006

Paper Crafts: GNI Decorations and Invites

On August 19th, I celebrated a girls night with a handful of my closest gal pals. Some of them were married, some had kids, some were both, and some were single and overworked in general. So I felt there was a good mix of women there for celebrating one night of freedom from all the stresses of the outside world and focusing instead on some much needed r&r and girl talk. It was a very crafty party for me though, starting many weeks before with the invitations.

First, there’s few things in this world that I enjoy working with as much as I do ribbon. With that said, you will see how I used many different types of ribbons in the party invitations above. All of them looked similar to this. Some used as many as four different types of ribbon and some had more flower embellishments, etc. All of them said slightly different things inside. I got many compliments on these, and they’re so basic and easy to do! You just take your favorite ribbons, cut strips that will go the width or length of your card (depending on which direction you wanna go) and glue them into place using craft glue. I use E6000. (The picture is super blurry as my digicamera does that one close-ups. Use your imagination!)

I had done this technique before with plain paper cards and some ribbon. I made my sister a stationery set for going off to college. I thought she could use it to write to her boyfriend, her friends who moved away, or as impromptu birthday cards in case she was strapped for cash or didn’t have time to make/shop for the perfect card. She really liked them, and all I did was use the ribbons, a few vellum stickers, and my own designs to dress up the plain cards; you’d think that such a good gift for a graduate heading off to college would be hard to come by but I can attest to the ease of this project! So the next time you’re looking for a good easy gift (and seriously, discount stores like wally world have cheap supplies), you should try this! It can also be done with scrap strips of scrapbooking papers. Find a pretty paper but don’t know how to make a whole page out of it? this is the perfect way to showcase it and still be resourceful! From now on, all my cards are handmade! 🙂

I originally got the idea for the cards as a gift after watching one of my favorite (if not my all-time favorite) crafting show, Creative Juice, on the DIY network. Hosts Cathie and Steve showed how to make stationery as favors for a daisy-themed bridal shower. Of course, they embossed colored cardstock with a rubber stamp, some embossing powder and an embossing gun. I didn’t have any of these supplies, but then I seen them tie it all up with ribbon, which I loved, and which I had on hand. Needless to say, that’s when the lightbulb came on and I thought about just doing the basic ribbon. You might ask why I left so much white in my cards and didn’t do the entire front of the card in ribbons! Well, you don’t want to make your card too heavy or you’ll end up needing more postage. Also be aware that if you use embellishments such as bows or flowers, you will need to provide extra postage because the post office cannot run it through the automated scanner and hand-scanning it apparently costs more money. Something I learned the hard way when one of my super flowery invitations came back to me a WEEK before the party needing $.13 more for postage! 😉

More party crafts to come!


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