Posted by: angelnorman | February 5, 2007

Mini Christmas Tree Fun

I know, I’m super behind in this blog updating thing.
Christmas tree Materials:
– three to five, depending on sizes used and your personal preference, terra cotta pots. my biggest was a 2.5″ pot, and i stacked two smaller pots on top
-lots of little “ornaments” (I used sequins, little mini records, little christmas tree lights, etc. check you paper crafts and dollhouse sections of your local craft store.)
-hot glue with glue gun.
-paints (i used only forest green for my trees. you can sponge on white for fake snow and again, decorate with paint to your tastes.)
-pom poms
You’ll start out by washing all the pots, cleaning them of any dust that may be present. After they have dried, paint them with a base coat of your color choice. A second coat may or may not be needed. If you see any clay peeking through, I recommend the second coat of paint. Once the paint has dried, turn your pots over, glue around their bases, and stack one on top of the other to make a tree shape. Decorate using glitter, paint, ricrac, buttons, sequins, fake gems, beads, and other miscellaneous decor. Here are some that I made:

Well. I liked them 🙂


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