Posted by: angelnorman | April 22, 2007

Babies Rock!

5 miles: from Centennial Park to Riverfront Park, up Fifth Avenue, down Union, up Church and back to Centennial Park. I walked every step for the babies. And for my baby in particular.

11,000: the number of babies born prematurely in the state of Tennessee in 2004. My kid was one of them! Now you see why I care so much?

$1160: the amount of donations Mike, Michelle, Nick, and I received. $1195 and $215: the amounts of two other folks on Michelle’s team. So around $2500 for just Michelle’s team… imagine what the other teams earned.

And it was for this kid in particular that I did it all.

And it was all my pleasure, trust me. I’d do it again in a heartbeat for this sweet boy. I’d go through every single step, every single gasp of air I had to take, every day for the rest of my life to ensure that this baby be healthy. It was the least I could do for such an amazing cause that means so much to me.

And happy Earth day, by the way! I hope you guys use this week between Earth Day and Arbor Day to protect our planet. No sense in helping babies if they have nowhere to live! So love the babies and hug the trees.


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