Posted by: angelnorman | April 26, 2007

How does your garden grow?

What to do with extra potting soil and pots? Why, grow a pinwheel garden of course!

I love pinwheels! They are so happy and festive… and now I know how much fun they are to make. I got my directions off of this site: BHG, and I began creating my own using scrapbook paper that I had leftover.

I took my scrap papers, trimmed them to the desired sizes making sure they were even squares, marked the corners, straight-edged my lines, and poked my holes using pushpins all as the website suggests. I folded the corners to the middle and voila! A pinwheel. It’s really that easy. Since BHG fails to deliver a way to attach the pinwheels to the sticks, I’ll tell you what I did…

I simply pushed my pushpins into straws.. That’s right. Straws. Green ones to look like stems. Then I bent the pins slightly so I wouldn’t get poked. Now, it needs to be said that my pinwheels are for decoration only. I wouldn’t give them as gifts to children, haha. But if you want useable pinwheels that can double as let’s say, party favors, then I recommend you use a plain wooden dowel as your stick (bonus: you can paint them in any color you’d like) and for the piece that holds it all together, I would use a brad. A standard paper fastener. Poke that brad through the paper like you did the pushpin and then wrap the ends around the dowel. I would probably also use a little bit of E6000 (craft glue) to ensure that it doesn’t slip too easily. And right over the top of that brad, you could cover the ugly gold color with buttons or letters or whatever your heart desires.

Also, Martha has a great idea: She uses a pushpin first, then replaces it with a smaller map pin through the paper layers, to ensure it spins. Then she uses a bead to secure it before poking it through the wooden dowel. She also suggests: Soaking the dowel in water so it doesn’t split. Excellent tip.

I think they’re simply gorgeous. They would make a lovely centerpiece for a garden party, don’t you think? 🙂


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