Posted by: angelnorman | May 11, 2007

I say, Go Go Go!

Nick has been really cuddly and cute today. Well, he normally is to be honest. He loves for me to bundle up with him in a blanket and snuggle and rub his back and sing. And speaking of singing, I have a cute story that half my friends have already heard but whatever.

So it goes like this. He usually climbs into my lap, says, “Cuddle, Mommy” and I’ll hold him and sway back and forth to rock him. He’ll then ask me to sing most of the time. So a few days back he asks me to sing for him, and I ask which song he wants to hear. He answers, “Shadow.” And I sat there for a sec like, what the hell is he talking about? And then it hit me: “Yesterday” by the Beatles! Yanno: “There’s a shadow hanging over me…” I sing it all the time to him, just ask Mike. That, and “I Can’t Help Falling In Love with You”, are probably my favorite choices of songs to sing/hum for Nick when I’m trying to calm him or get him to sleep. I about flipped my lid though because you know how I’ve been trying to push the Beatles on him since, like… birth! Finally, at last, my baby is a Beatles fan.

(This is where we flash to my step-MIL rolling her eyes at me for not singing nursery rhymes.)

So now, instead of the muzak-like version I play for him at bedtime, he listens to the One cd, which means 27 of the Beatles’ greatest hits running down his ears like liquid gold. (My gal Jen will know what I mean.) And he loves when he hears “Yesterday” come on, probably because it’s being sung by someone who can carry a tune. Cha right. He loves my voice. He may be the only one, but that is okay by me. He can be my greatest fan, because Lord knows, I’m his.

All I really need to say though is this: Thank you, God, for expanding his awareness of music beyond Lauire Berkner and the alphabet song. I was quite tired of both of them.

Bottom line, I’m just glad he shows an interest in anything musical. Mike and I aren’t particularly musical. Mike has been dying to learn to play the guitar for years, but he never sticks with it. We’re more… scientific maybe? Nerdy? Bookish? Lazy? HAHA. I dunno. I’m crafty and I might be able to draw like a flower or something without it looking awful, but I lack skills in most musical ways.

So it’s good to know we haven’t screwed up the right side of our kid’s brain too much 😛


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