Posted by: angelnorman | June 28, 2007

A lot like me after all…

All week long, I have noticed that Nick has been mysteriously disappearing from his usual spot on the couch during his favorite television shows. Upon further inspection of the situation, I find him not in the bathroom trying to get into the chemicals or playing with the plunger or flushing as much toilet paper as he can down the toilet… nothing like I would expect. Instead, I have discovered that my precious boy has been retreating to his room every day to read. I will always find him curled up in his chair, with a stack of books beside him, his music softly playing in the background (which he turns on all by himself!) and his doggy sitting on the footstool. The only thing I do not see that would make the whole scene more picture-perfect is him in a bathrobe and smoking a pipe.

Could it be that my child has inherited my bookish ways?

This is the first sign he has shown that he may be anything like us, his parents. You know that silly fear where you think, “Oh God, what if he grows up to be super sporty and I can’t relate at all to him?” Yeah, I think about stupid things a lot. While I don’t want Nick to be exactly like either of us, I would like him to show some sort of interest in things we can enjoy teaching him all about, like how to fingerpaint or all about dinosaurs. But so far, Nick has outwardly rejected art (the nerve!) and math and science (which breaks Michael’s heart). He pretty much only digs letters (namely A, Z, and O) and running around the house like a mad man. So as stupid as it may seem, I’m pretty stoked to see him “reading” on his own. Just the fact that he steals away to his room for peace and quiet is enough to make my heart smile. He already knows the importance of “me-time”. What a smart little guy I birthed.

I’ve been struggling with relaxing lately. It’s hard for me to justify greedily stealing away for some me-time. Maybe I should take a cue from my two-year old and just escape to my bedroom, turn on some tunes, and kick back with a good book.

Maybe he’ll let me borrow “All About Diggers” or “Guess How Much I Love You”.


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