Posted by: angelnorman | July 17, 2007

How far is heaven?

it’s 3 in the afternoon, and i’m sitting at my desk with my favorite mug filled to the top with my favorite french vanilla-laced coffee. my house is relatively clean and quiet with the smells of fresh fruit, mostly of the citrus variety, floating around. somewhere in the distance, thunder is occasionally booming, signaling a much-needed summer storm on the horizon. i stepped outside to check it out a minute ago and decided to finally pot the lavender i bought this past weekend. i am in dire need of bigger pots for it though. anyways, the lavender smelled incredible so i pinched a piece off to bring it into my office for aromatherapy purposes. 🙂 now i can finally sit down with no real agenda and listen to the afternoon rain against the window and the sounds of my wind chimes ringing. this is pretty much my idea of heaven, in the sense of the me-time i’m supposed to have. nick is sleeping peacefully and i have nothing to do but rest. this is what i’ve been waiting for the past few weeks while i’ve been struggling to relax and unwind. finally, it is MINE! i’m going to live it up.

but first, a few things worth mentioning. my house is currently an 8. as my playgroup friends will attest, that is 2 pts away from what i deem perfect and like 3 pts higher than what it normally is. i still need to mop and vacuum and tackle nick’s room but otherwise, my house is clean for the first time in weeks. it’s a beautiful thing.



  1. […] me the most though is not the mess; it’s the fact that i have lost control of the mess. i have had those days where i could be carefree ’cause my house was clean and calm before, so i know it’s […]

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