Posted by: angelnorman | August 5, 2007

She was a daytripper.

4 days of potty-training. 7 pairs of wet undies washed. pull-ups at night: mostly dry in the AM. one time i threatened to spank. my patience is much too thin. already i am tired of PT-ing, but i’m moreso tired of diapering. so onward we go.

i miss being spontaneous, so today i insisted that my little family take a road trip to the geographical oddity that is granville, tn. of course, this was so spur of the moment that i 1) didn’t have directions and 2) decided we didn’t need to purchase a map for the occasion. we were going to wing it, i had decided, and so we spent two hours looking for a place that NO ONE could tell us to get to. we stopped at two seperate dollar general stores, the first in alexandria, and the second in gordonsville. both times, i got the craziest looks like, “why the heck do you wanna go there?” and the directions all had the same ring to ’em, even though they pointed me in different directions.

the first set:
lady at DGS: “okay, so you wanna get to granville, right?”
me: “yes.”
lady: “okay, well you need to go back out here and keep going straight to the bypass.”
me: “over the interstate?”
lady: “no, just straight on the bypass. you can’t miss it.”

the “bypass” was essentially a winding country highway, that, although i was surrounded with beautiful rural landscape, made me so nervous with its dips and curves. i was so happy to see a city ahead… only it was gordonsville, and so we ended up right in front of another DGS! coincidence? eh, i dunno. i went in for directions.

second set of directions:
lady at DGS: “so let me get this straight. the girl in alexandria told you to go which direction?”
me: “right.”
lady at DGS: “and you ended up here? i don’t even know how you did that.”
me: “i took the highway.”
lady at DGS: “are you familiar with where you’re at and where you’re going?”
me: “sort of.”
lady: “where are you from?”
(is it that obvious?)
me: “murfreesboro.”
lady and friend laugh.
lady: “okay, you need to go up here, turn left, go along the hills, you’ll be curving a lot, and then make a right. no wait. make a left at the railroad tracks. that’s elmwood.”
me: “do you happen to sell maps?”

from the map, i gathered we needed to stay on hwy 53 North, which was definitely correct. we would have made it there easily if only 1) we would have never got off the interstate on exit 254 (my bad) and 2) we would have turned in front of the elmwood post office. we were literally 5 minutes away from it at one point, only since we didn’t turn at the post office like we should have (but again, no one told us to!) we ended up in putnam county where i counted entirely too many rebel flags and scary ravines that made me nauseous.

so, semi-mythical town of granville, we’ll have to enjoy your laid back glory next weekend because two hours of trying to find you led to: a couple of arguments, some bitter remarks, a killer headache, a lot of playfighting that ended with me digging my claws into mike’s fingers and actually hurting him (my bad again) and then later, car sickness on my part, and let us not forget the root of all the other issues: a whiny toddler who wanted to get out and play. too much drama for a sunday afternoon IMO. but don’t worry! we’ll be back soon to snap pictures at cordell hull lake, which i had no idea you were even near!

it should also be mentioned that there were no potty accidents. and we did get some lovely pictures at nice mill dam, just off I-840, and ate a wonderful down-home lunch at sunset grill in lebanon. so all was not in vain.

For pictures, click here.

Why is it that I feel incredibly guilty whenever I’m watching something inappropriate while Nick is in the room, say something other than PBS or Noggin (knitting shows, LMN, Big Love), yet Mike is perfectly fine watching DAY AFTER TOMORROW (where people die and storms come and kill everything) with Nick playing blocks in the floor of the same room? Our parenting styles are so incredibly different, it’s a wonder we ever agree on anything at all!


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