Posted by: angelnorman | August 7, 2007

Potty headache.

Do you know what’s more frustrating than having to clean up pee and poop accidents? Reading tips on how to react to said accidents. It is so contradictory.

“Be sure not to get angry and let them feel as if they have disappointed you when they have an accident.”

“Completely overeact the entire time you are cleaning up the mess so that they know you are not happy about having to clean up the mess.”

I’m sure the intentions of these two seperate people are good but I’m not buying it. I don’t think anyone knows what they are talking about though because most people assume that all kids are the same, that all parents are the same, that the situations are all… the same. And it’s not at all that way in reality yet we just keeping assuming our ways are the best ways!

Except for me of course. I’m making no assumptions about my skills. I know my way is not the best way as we just keep wetting our underpants in this house. Even I want to wet my underpants, that’s how trendy it truly is in the Norman household. It’s the new thing to do! You’re not cool unless your underpants are soaked! lol.

Okay, in all seriousness, I am just very blegh about this whole thing. We’ve had a much better day. I’ve spent more time with Nick, and I even caught him in the act of peeing his pants. We were painting, I heard the pee, and it didn’t even phase Nick. I shrieked at him, and I of course overeacted. I always overeact. I try to be calm and assertive but it just comes out as me raising my voice at him, which is opposite of what I want to do. Anyways, I think my friend Emily is right. Yesterday, as mentioned in my last blog, she told me that she just remained consistent and it suddenly clicked.  I’m aiming for that. That’s a nice goal to shoot for: basic comprehension. Proof that I’m not speaking a language Nick doesn’t get. 😀 Sometimes it sure seems like it’s not sinking in, like he just doesn’t understand what I mean when I say “We don’t pee in our underpants!” He repeats me, “Don’t pee in ’em!” But he doesn’t seem to realize that that is exactly what he is doing. So, I just hafta keep on keepin’ on I guess, waiting for it all to take root in his little head. 🙂

After nap today, I am showing him how to aim at colored cheerios in the toilet. I’m trying to make it more fun so that he’s more willing to take a break from the excitement that is our daily routine (loads of fun, let me tell ya :/) to potty properly. I’m also *this close* to employing a potty chart with stickers and rewards. Bribery with candies and oatmeal creme pies are only getting him so far…


Me: What does a snake eat?
Nick: Dog food.
Me: Dog food, huh?
Nick: Yes. And he likes purple.

Uh. Okay.



  1. a few things that worked with C & H:

    taking them to the store to pick out underwear. this did not work immediately as far as the ‘you don’t want to pee on batman’ approach goes, but it did get them excited about the potty, and have a little more ownership in what they were ruining when i had to through soiled ones away

    i had a treasure box (from the dollar store) that had frogs and snakes in it. they got one everytime they did the potty right. this worked for while, then wore off.

    the cheerios thing and the peeing outside thing also worked wonders for us. though now, the peeing outside thing is TOTALLY backfiring on me. ask me about peeing on the beach, in the walmart parking lot, off te deck……

    i know this one is difficult for you in particular but taking them out in public really helped after the first week or so, because they were so fascinated with public bathrooms that they wanted to go.

    good luck! i’m rooting for you!

  2. i also meant to say that once whatever i was using to entice them started to wear off i would switch to something else. like from the reward system to picking out the undies…..not exactly in line with consistency, but it seemed to work..

  3. Like I said yesterday…you know your kid…you do what you want…you can take all the advice in the world..or you don’t have to take any! You’re doing great…frustration is always gonna be there..that’s part of being a mommy. I love you!

    And I knew you guys peed your pants…so last time when you said Jenson peed in your bed..I didnt feel so bad. LOL

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