Posted by: angelnorman | August 9, 2007

Pottying, art, and aprons: a collection of thoughts

While I was making breakfast this morning, Nick went to the bathroom, pulled down his pants, and tried to go potty without telling me or without my assistance. I of course had to step in when I caught him trying to go, on tippy-toes so that he can, you know, be more accurate with it. I placed his stepping stool down for him in front of the potty, and he climbed atop and let it go. He knew he had to go, and he went to do it himself. I am obviously doing something right!  Yipee!

I think I will be lucky if I get through this without any extra gray hairs. Haha. In all seriousness, though, I’ve been pouring out a lot of extra energy into this, more so than I ever thought I’d need to, and of course, it is draining. I am exhausted by it really. While I am very serious about consistency and while I very much want to be done with this, it is so much more difficult to resist the urge to put him back in diapers when I’m scraping poop out of underwear.

I am trying to remain light-hearted about it all though, especially after yesterday. I am trying to give myself some credit for making it almost one entire week with more successful pottying than not. And I’m trying to remember that I will eventually get there, and my kid will not need diapers or pull-ups one day. I know that I am really just practicing right now, that I’m ahead of schedule really. You see, I didn’t intend to even potty-train Nick until October of this year. The way I see it, I am on top of my game, ahead of the curve! Right on track and then some, to an extent 😛 

Yesterday, though, I had a really bad day– as in a “break down and cry” sort of day. I cried and cried for reasons I can’t even describe. There was an accident that triggered it, yes, but I’m also really on edge lately about my other issues, medical stuff I’m dealing with, hormonal imbalances and the like. Then after the nap, we started having fewer accidents (he is in more control in the afternoon it seems), and we settled down to watch some movies on the computer. He really liked the one of him learning to walk. I said, “See. You were so little and you were trying to walk like a big boy, just like how you’re learning to potty like a big boy now.” And he of course, responded by doing what he always does, affirming that he is already a big boy and not a baby. 🙂 Anyways, I am not sure if he seen the similarities in the two stages of his life- learning to walk and learning to potty- but I think he at least seperated himself from that baby and that’s good news, right?

So it started out a very blegh day yesterday and ended with exhaustion, even on Michael’s part. He was ready to go back to diapers last night. I think today will be different though since we started out with such success! It feels like we’re progressing, and that’s a nice feeling.

Things I’m excited about (other than successful attempts to potty):
All these artsy playdates I have coming up! Artsy Mamas has been kicking butt lately trying to get our kids more involved with art and we’ve scheduled a ton of playdates in the process. One of the things I’m most excited about is the Free Kindermusik Demo at a semi-local music school! If you’ve never read about Kindermusik, well, you should. I think Nick’s gonna love it.  We’ve also got a trip to Cheekwood planned, and so much more. I cannot wait for him to enjoy these things.

Yo Gabba Gabba! is coming to Nick Jr on August 20th! Woooohoooo! It’s Nick’s favorite thing now. The sneak peeks make him so happy!

Also, I love this etsy shop and I am inspired to try and sew myself an apron! How cute would I be in my kitchen wearing an apron? The only thing I’d still need would be the white picket fence, a backyard dining set, and the minivan in the driveway, and then my suburban mother lifestyle would be complete! 😛

And Nick’s birthday is coming up, too. Yesterday, he told me he wanted this.



  1. glad to hear things are going well/
    for me, the poop took longer….a few things i tried:

    paying attention to poo cues (this is hard as you always have to be alert!) cash would dissapear,hayden would run in circles touching his butt.

    they had 2 specific poop times, afternoon (around nap time) and at bedtime. (oh how conveinent) so I would have them sit on the potty with books to try and go at these times. this worked about half the time. mostly with hayden. cash would always poop in his pants right after he got up.

    another thing we did was talk about wht our tummys felt like when we had to go and when we went in our pants, and try to get them to connect that feeling with going to the toilet. that really worked (after a while) as the still say “my tummy’s making me go potty’

  2. oh and what finally worked: the promise of brand new tow mater and lighting mcqueen (cash & hayden respectively) toys complete with charts.

    sorry if this is getting annoying, i just think of things at random times and run here to post them

  3. Not annoying at all. Keep it comin!

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