Posted by: angelnorman | August 10, 2007

3 Months Till 3: The Freakout Begins.

Yesterday I received a monthly newsletter from Pampers, (yes, the diaper company) and inside was info about my child’s development and milestones. There was an article about how he probably has a 300-word vocabulary now (pretty close to it I’d imagine) and of course an article about behavioral changes. What really stuck out like a sore thumb was the email subject. “Your child is 33 months old!”

Every month they come to me and I never noticed it before. But 33 months sounds so… old. I thought it also sounded sorta dumb. Why not just say, “pushing three”? And it was at that moment when I realized my child was 3 months away from being 3 years old. Oh holy cow, I am not prepared for this.

How can my sweet little boy be so close to such a big age?

Now I’ve spent a whole week potty-“training”, and yes, my use of quotations on the word training is intentional. As those who have read my ramblings this week will attest, I am merely preparing for serious potty-training. There are accidents, some of which are not fun to clean and make me cry, but there are also lots of successes. Also, the fact that he has not outwardly rejected anything I’ve tried to show him to do this week tells me that I am at least laying the groundwork right now, if not really training him, and that he is comprehending. Watching him successfully use the potty, flush, and place his stepping stool in front of the sink to wash his hands tells me he’s growing up. Hearing him talk to me or having him sit down to read me a book tells me he’s getting older. (“Stanley goes for a ride,” he’ll say. It’s really Stanley Goes For a Drive, but who cares about the logistics?) Listening to him announce his likes and dislikes and really know what he’s saying clues me in to the fact that he’s getting older. But he’s still so little in my heart. I mean, I still have the kid in a crib for Pete’s sake (he’s not much of a climber yet, thank goodness.)

So thinking about how Nick is pushing three and is still in a crib got me thinking, “Do I treat him like a baby too much?” Is the reason he has accidents in his pants a direct result of the fact that I do everything else for him and he doesn’t want to give that up? Is the reason he really started talking at a later stage in his 2nd year my fault because I didn’t encourage him to speak enough? You know, this is the stuff I think about all the time. I tell Mike that a lot of times I feel like I just sit and think of things I should feel guilty about, lol. I’m kidding. I do second-guess myself a lot more than I should though. Maybe I just know in my heart that for me he’ll always be that little baby who overcame great obstacles and I hope that knowing this doesn’t make me one of those helicopter moms, hovering over him always, needing to check in with him daily even when he’s married and has kids of his own. *Sigh*.

I need to get him out of the nursery and treat him more like the big boy he really is. I need to make him a big boy’s bedroom with toys, learning opportunities, and fun in every corner. Here is a wishlist of things that I want to get for his new room, in a clever webpage with pricetags for your enjoyment. I am beseeching the grandparents to forego the large tractors and trucks they get him at every birthday, and instead, just give me $20 towards the purchase of his new bedroom stuff. I am actually going roadtrippin’ with Ems to Atlanta next month simply to purchase these things. So I hope they’ll consider paying me back some instead of giving us yet another toy we’ll not have room for until his room is more organized or clothes in a size he won’t be able to wear anyhow, lol.

Accidents yesterday: 3. Accidents today: 3. Earlier in the week our accidents were somewhere near 6 and 7 pairs of undies a day. So I think we’ll hafta admit it’s getting better. It’s getting better all the time!



  1. Yeah Nick! You Rock Buddy! Thanks for being my buddy!

  2. i often feel like i treat the boys younger than they are. especially when i see kids the same age but who have younger sibings already. always seems like those kids are doing so much more for themselves ahead of my boys.

    one word of advice on the hangy from the ceiling thingys: get something ggod & strong to hang it from the ceiling. every single one we have hung has been pulled out. could be how we hung it, or it could be my kids!

    and yeah nick! way to go!!!!!!!!

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