Posted by: angelnorman | August 20, 2007

Top Seven Things I’ve Learned From YGG Today…

picture this. cupcakes, streamers, coloring books as favors, masks, and even a special t-shirt for nick– all to honor the debut of a television show. sounds crazy right? yeah, i know. but i did it anyways for Yo Gabba Gabba and we had a blast. the show was a lot better than i had imagined from watching the previews. i laughed and danced and laughed some more. nick and his friends seemed to really enjoy the show too. 

i think it’s a good show for fat lazy america. the messages were as clear as crystal.

i’ll share with you what i learned today:

1) eating all sorts of healthy foods is fun. no good-for-you foods should be excluded from the party in your tummy. sooo many kids don’t have balanced diets, especially preschoolers. they like chicken nuggets and juice and that’s pretty much it. but if brobee thinks it’s cool to invite cheese, carrots, and green beans to the party in his tummy, maybe his fans will think it’s cool too.

2) trying new good-for-you snacks is fun. yogurt, while it may have a funny name and taste different than any pudding you’ve ever seen, is very tasty! and this can be applied to any new thing. meeting new people? fun! going to a new school? fun! try it, you’ll like it. it worked for toodee.

3) dancing is fun (and it’s good exercise). any show that get kids off their tooshies is okay by me, any day of the week. and the fact that the songs and dances are easy for parents to memorize so that they can interact with the show too is nice.

4) it’s fun to brush your teeth. it truly is. and it’s even more fun if you do it their way.

5) cleaning up the trash is important. trash belongs in trash cans, not in our forests and streets. it’s very important to not only pick up after yourselves but to help others clean their messes too so that our whole world is a cleaner, healthier place.

6) elijah wood can actually be creepier than he was as a hobbit in the LOTR trilogy.

and the most important lesson i learned…

7) getting involved with your kids and the things that they enjoy, no matter how bizarre to you, is very important. i can’t begin to tell you how many times i rolled my eyes when i’d see previews of YGG and how many times i told my husband that it reminded me of teletubbies. however, i was impressed by the quality of the show (and the guests make me laugh- c’mon now. mark mothersbaugh of devo!) but the most important thing is that nick really likes it and i support that.

in fact, i downright celebrate it, with cupcakes and everything.



  1. I saw little clips of the show on Youtube. Julianna will miss out on the show until they put it on DVD. No cable no Nick Jr. =o(

  2. Ha. I too learned these things today. 3 times. I’m really afraid she’s going to end up a cheerleader, Angel. Save me.

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