Posted by: angelnorman | August 21, 2007


“I killin’ you,” he said to me as he thrust forward, into my stomach, with his broken light saber.

“You’re what me?”

“I KILL YOU!” He answered.

Where the heck did he learn that word in relation to stabbing at me with a plastic sword? And Mike thinks it’s “okay” to let him watch grown up movies. Pfft. (And okay, he watches me play WoW where I do indeed, kill mythical creatures… so it’s probably just as much my fault. But don’t tell Mike that.)

So we had a talk about how inappropriate it is to say, “Kill”. I didn’t like hearing that word come from his mouth AT ALL. I don’t like him knowing what it means in any small way. I’m sure he doesn’t know that “killing” results in death, because he doesn’t even understand death yet. He’s only two. And I’m sure he got the word “kill” from tv or another child, and I know that he’s a boy and he’s going to say worse than that one day. But I still don’t want to just overlook it simply because I won’t always be able to keep him from liking superheroes who “kill” the super villains. I taught him to say, “I got you!” instead, like it’s tag or something. We’ll see if it takes hold. 

I am just not okay with him being in that sort of mindset already. And I really wasn’t prepared for that this morning.

Something else I’m not okay with: unsafe toys. I’m not talking about violent toys like light sabers or waterguns in relation to my blurb above. I’m talking about all these products being recalled. First it was the products losing their magnets and causing children who swallowed said magnets to get seriously injured and in some cases, die. Then there is all the vinyl bibs sold at both W.M. and T.R.U. being recalled for possible lead contamination and let us not forget the millions (eek!) of toys in the likes of all our favorite characters- Elmo, Cookie Monster, Dora, Diego, and Thomas the Tank Engine. Everytime a recall is done, which has been so often these past few months, I’ve had to go through the list, check my toys and their serial #s and so on. When will the madness end? Why don’t we have stricter laws on these toy manufacturers who make figurines for a dime and then sell them for $20? They’re billion dollar industries and they’re getting away with putting our children’s lives on the line all to make a buck. Few people can stop them because according to this article by TIME magazine, the CPSC, the agency in charge of filtering through “unreasonable risks”, is incredibly understaffed and underfunded.

This is the sort of stuff that just gets my goose. We have to do something about it.


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