Posted by: angelnorman | August 28, 2007

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Beyond the whirring of the computers that have taken over my office, I can hear the greatest thing coming from the living room. It’s the sound of quiet interaction with a Baby Einstein video, Baby Wordsworth to be exact. Today is my last Tuesday with Cash and Hayden before they return to MDO on Tuesday and Thursday (:(). Because I’m so busy these days, I didn’t plan anything great to celebrate our summer together, no end of season blowout bash. Last Thursday was pretty awesome, though, so maybe that will count for something. I digress. My point is that today I was really busy working on the website stuff I need to get done for Two Become One, so I, for lack of better words, practically ignored the kids all morning while they played, took in entirely too much Nick Jr., and destroyed my house. This of course is NOT how I want to end our fun summer together. So I turned off my computer and television and sat down with the boys, where I was invited to join them in playing cars.

From there, I used DVDs and books to build a ramp for our pull-back cars to race over. We had to do SOMETHING together as friends today. We took turns and had some fun, then C noticed the Baby Wordsworth DVD case and asked to watch it. Finally, this purchase has paid off because Nick absolutely refused to watch any of these movies. The whole collection is wasted on my kid. He will watch the first minute, yawn, and then run off to find a toy to destroy instead. Perhaps he feels he is such a genius that these movies are beneath him and insult his intelligence. Who knows why he doesn’t like them? (Not I, because I religiously played him classical music in utero. Don’t blame me!) All I know is that right now, they are quietly rolling their cars back and forth on the table, eyes glued to the TV screen and occasionally repeating what they are seeing. It is fabulous.

So as you may have guessed, I have several of the videos and a couple of the CDs because I was one of those mothers who registered and wished for Baby Einstein products– I felt like I would be setting my child up for failure if I didn’t. Oh don’t play innocent. You know what I’m talking about. You’ve either told other women that it was best for their babies or you’ve been one of the women told to let their children watch these things, listen to these things, be over-exposed to these things. I’m in the last category. When I was preggo, I felt like I wasn’t doing my job as a mom if I didn’t read Nick “The Pokey Little Puppy” 500 times a day or if the radio was on anything but classical, with the occasional Light Rock (a girl has to have her Rod Stewart). From the moment I conceived, people started suggesting I read to my belly and listen to classical music all in the name of making my fetus smarter. Everything I read while pregnant praised the efforts of Baby Einstein. I even begged my mom buy me a mobile for the nursery with the Baby Einstein theme. (BTW, the mobile scared the snot out of Nick and he REFUSED to sleep in his crib until I ripped it down– though that probably has nothing to do with the type of mobile it is as much as it has to do with crazy-looking animals dangling in his face.)

Now everything I read says that sticking your child in front of a tv is not an acceptable way to parent, even if that TV is nothing but classical music and random images. And especially if that is your favorite way to parent, as it is for me. I’m kidding, geez. I can sense all the outrage already. Lighten up already! I loathe myself and the amount of television I expose my child to, as well. I’m working on it. The problem is that I’m also working. I’m now officially a WAHM (that’s work-at-home-mom).

Sidenote: E and I are going to start our own club for WAHMs, and our website will play various Wham! tunes and will rock your socks off in general because with her graphic artistry and my web design, we could rule the world.

You know what I think? I think no one truly knows what’s best for children and parents but everyone is SO quick to judge, that is what I think. I also think that maybe Nicholas came out of the womb two months premature because he was sick to death of me reading “The Pokey Little Puppy”. At least it could explain why he dislikes to be read to every single day…

And I really think that taking a break from my day to blog, while yelling at kids to share, play nice, and keep quiet is ridiculous. Seems my luck with Baby Wordsworth has run out and that I should restart the DVD.

Hey, it’s better than repeated viewings of something like, Toy Story, right? 😛


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