Posted by: angelnorman | August 29, 2007


Care Package, 1st View

What does this basket say to you?

To me, it says Love. It also says the following: Hope. Peace. Understanding. Sympathy. Light for your darkest hour. Appreciation and cheer.

I stand in awe of the glory of God, I do. I stand in awe of His love which He has poured out into all of us, the love that has made us collaborate and fill a basket full of hope and prayer and all that amazing love.

We have homemade goodies galore- ready-to-load (premade) scrapbook pages, candles, the tea pot and teacups, journals, and we’re soon to have stationery and necklaces. So much of our time and hearts put into our homemade gifts… it’s very touching. We’ve had SO MANY local businesses contribute gift certificates and tokens of sympathy, and we’ve also raised over $100, which we are presenting in a Visa gift card so that it can be used for anything the family might need, at any place that accepts Visa. We’ve had over 30 (maybe even 50!) people working on these things, praying for a family they don’t know very well, hoping for peace for a woman they’ve never met, thinking of a child whom they’ve never seen except in pictures. We’ve had prayers go up all across the nation! And it touches my heart deeply. It moves me to tears- tears of sorrow for a loss unimaginable for me but reality for my friend… tears of joy for the love that is undeniably present, for the work of God Himself moving us all into action… and tears of gratitude for the blessings I have, for the blessings we all have that we sometimes take for granted.

Life is so precious.

Another view.

So I made the teacups (well, I painted them using a pottery pen, and then baked them in the oven so now the paint is permanent and foodsafe– I didn’t actually make the pottery or anything) and finished them off by painting hearts at the bottom of the cup. My hope for my friend is that when she is at the bottom of the cup (or in life), she is reminded of our love for her and thus in turn, is able to feel God’s love. I may not have her prayer shawl ready by Friday. I have a LONG way to go. However, the message I was trying to convey with my prayer shawl is the same as the one I’m presenting with my tea set- we are here for you; God is here for you- and that works just as well. I’ll just have Nick take some pics of me knitting the shawl and include that in with an IOU or something.

After all, look how artsy my kid is with the camera:

Nicholas is still my favorite photographer.

He’s all about different angles and the like 🙂



  1. Can I come with you guys on Friday if I”m able to? My mom offered to babysit. I should be able to do that. This is amazing..i’m so glad that it is going to be a wonderful blessing for them!

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