Posted by: angelnorman | September 6, 2007

If you read this, I’ll donate a dollar to my checking account.

My good friend E’s latest blog really hits home for me this week. You should read it (I’d say that for every person who reads, the local newspaper donates $2 to somebody who is going through something, but that is simply untrue JUST LIKE THE EMAILS that promise the same thing), but to save you that for now, I’ll just go ahead and give you a synopsis of the blog. Her kids (also known as C&H) are having trouble settling down before bed. They’re wild and crazy until all their energy is gone and they just fall out.

This is happening to me, too. My own sweet boy, N, is fighting bedtime lately more so than normal. Now, it’s not everynight. Some nights, he’s out like a light within five minutes of his 8:30 bedtime. Then other nights, it’s more like, 10:50 before he falls asleep…. he flails around in his crib, tosses his pillows and blankets over the edge, demands milk two or three times, screams at us, cries, asks to go potty…. ANYTHING to get up, to get our attention, to keep us coming in to his room and delaying bedtime for two more minutes.

So tonight we had had it. The hubs is already worn out from his wacky work and school schedule this semester, and the term just started last week. But he had had enough, rightly so since he was dog tired, and I had had enough because I had been dealing with N’s demands AND trying to work and maintain a semi-straightened house…. and I too am incredibly tired. We said to N that if he kept on, we would spank. We meant business. And he pushed his limits, and he did indeed earn some swats on the fanny. (Judge not.) Finally we said we were NOT coming back into the room, that he could sleep without anything in his crib, he was not going to control us any longer.

So how did I find him? On his belly, in a crib that contained nothing but a mattress and its fitted crib sheet. No stuffed animals that he begged for, no blankets that he demanded to sleep with. We covered him up, and looked at the clock. 10:45. Dang.

Any suggestions you may wish to make would not only be appreciated by me but maybe even by E. So hit me (us) up.

In other news, work did not kick my butt today as badly as in previous days this week. I got so much done, learned even how to make something new and cool… well, by my standards anyways. And I felt really productive, despite my increasing to-do list. I know I’m only 25 minutes into it, but I can’t believe it’s already Friday. This whole week has found me completely mixed up, a day off thanks to the holiday…. and the hubs’ vacation day last Friday didn’t help matters much. I may not be done with my work by my Friday deadline, but I’ll be close, dang it. I only have two pages to create and a little bit more data to get from my “source”, my good friend Kelly.
Did I ever tell you that I’m not good with confrontation? Well I’m not. And today I found myself in a situation that was not only incredibly retarded, but that I sort of started. It wouldn’t have happened if I would have just continued to bite my tongue. I tried really hard though to be open and honest, you know? Like I don’t want to send out the wrong ideas and have people wondering how I feel about things. Anyways, I said some hurtful things that I later went back and apologized for, only there’s still no real resolution and it sucks. It sucks worse that the whole thing took place in emails. I still maintain that text doesn’t convey emotion very well, and no one should be allowed to ever email anything  except jokes. Otherwise, email should be banned, lol.

Especially emails that claim they’re being tracked and some big name company is going to donate money. Blegh. C’mon people. No one can track emails or myspace bulletin reposts or anything stupid like that. So quit wasting your time and the time of all your friends and family. TYVM.

-your bitter friend Angel who received two emails and one myspace bulletin today claiming they were being tracked and money was being donated for somebody’s surgery



  1. We have the bedtime crappyness here too! What is up with these toddlers?! Julianna refuses to sleep in her room. She will kick and scream and cry till she is red in the face. We have to get her asleep in the livingroom then sneak her into her bed. ugh…why can’t they just close their eyes and fall asleep?? I know I can do that with in a heartbeat!

  2. For real. In fact, that sounds like a good thing to do right now, lol.

    I guess it’s a phase? I will do some research and try some tactics… I’ll let you know how it goes.

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