Posted by: angelnorman | September 11, 2007

Halloween Schmalloween

The buzz on the mom circuit here is all about Halloween these days. It’s almost a month and a half away, and already talks of costumes and festivals are taking place. I feel behind because I’ve not given much thought to anything, except that after being completely impressed when Nick started walking around saying, “I’m a pirate!”, I had decided we would all dress like pirates and walk around as a family. I decided on this like a month ago.

But now it’s the middle of September and I’ve not really thought much about it until just the other day when I happened to glance upon a calendar of October. I was really bummed to learn that Halloween was on a Wednesday– the one night Mike cannot be here with us to go Trick or Treating. So now I don’t even know if we’ll go at all. Last year, our pumpkins got kicked in while we were out trick or treating, so I’m not sure I want to trust the hoodlum kids in my neighborhood enough to go out by myself. Maybe I can get my sis to come over and go with me.

However, I have definitely scrapped the pirate idea. I’m always encouraging Nick to be funny things like Yoda and the pirate and silly stuff like that. For two years in a row he’s been a spider because it was both cute and sorta creepy. But the other night at TRU, he insisted upon trying on a lion costume even though Mike and I thought it was sorta baby-ish. No offense to kids who dress like animals; we’re just not in the mindset of thinking like that. We think “Halloween” and we think “as scary as possible without causing too much drama”. Anyways, he put the lion costume on and he was so precious in it that I laughed and laughed, just giddy to see him like that. Mike was telling me to calm down, and then Nick started twirling around to look at his little lion tail, and I was just hysterical. He was just so cute that I couldn’t help myself.

I am thinking I should let him be a cute furry animal while this is still possible and precious. We have plenty of time to be pirates or vampires… but I’m guessing he won’t let me dress him like a little lion when he’s eight, haha.



  1. I think it is a feline sort of year. Layla wants to be a grey cat, my niece already has a little black cat costume, and now Nick wants to be a lion. You and Mike should dress like a Tiger & Bear. Oh my!
    Last year we just took Layla to a few houses & then she had a blast helping us pass out candy.

  2. you are more than welcome to cash & hayden’s tiger costumes form last year!!!!

  3. oh AND….can I just day how lucky are you that nick WANTED to put on the outfit? I can never get cash & hayden to try on a costume by choice. you are one lucky mama.

  4. OH gosh..our pumpkins get thrown onto our sidewalk every year…JERK KIDS! DON’T YOU HATE THAT!!!!

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