Posted by: angelnorman | September 12, 2007

I’ve got a lot to say apparently

Who ever thought that me standing in my living room, repeatedly pretending to stir a big bowl and singing, “Ba-te Ba-te Cho-co-la-te”  would provide a ton of entertainment for my kid? “Again,” he would direct me with a big grin on his face. Crazy kid. I’m glad to know he is not the only kid endlessly entertained by this song though. A certain Laylabug apparently loves the song too, according to her mommy.

Speaking of chocolate, last night we painted our porch steps. See?


He calls POLKA DOTS…. ready for this? COCOA DOTS! I love it.

Yes, I am crazy in love with my kid and everything he does. Want to make something of it?!
We won tickets to the Vandy v. Ole Miss game on Saturday. This would be our first family football game, so I’m excited, even though I could care less about football at all. Nick likes watching it on TV, much to Michael’s surprise since neither Michael nor myself like football enough to teach Nick anything about it. This all just goes to show you that Dr. Dobson is right about something. Boys and girls naturally migrate to certain things, and there’s nothing we can do about that.

But I have a question that I want to submit to the virtual world and just see what opinions I get. I want to force my daughters to learn to knit and sew. I find it incredibly important that they have these life skills, whether they ever do anything with them or not. So my question then is this, Would it be wrong for me to NOT force this upon my sons? And if I make my son learn to knit, am I setting him up for awkwardness later? Like would YOU want to marry a man who knits? I know it sounds kind of bad, but c’mon now… would you honestly want to marry a man who knits?

I would, lol. I like having someone make me things. Very few people I know actually make me anything, so I think that would be great! But yeah, I’d probably make fun of Mike if he did that. Just like I make fun of the fact that he wasn’t just in Chess Club during high school, he was in Computer Chess Club and that is a whole other level of geekiness. And did you know he also used to play the flute AND cross stitch? Ahahaha. I love him! I shouldn’t make fun of him this way! (He doesn’t mind. He knows that the fact that he cross-stitches is what turns me on the most about him. Ooh la la.) 
On a more serious note, I have a couple of prayer requests. One- I need your prayers like really bad, and not just because I give my husband a hard time.  🙂 I am having frequent anxiety issues- not all out anxiety attacks- but a constant nervous feeling that will not go away. My stomach has churned and churned these past few weeks and I don’t know what is going on. I think I need to call my doctor and ask him about the antidepressants again…. I’m not sure if it’s hormonal this time. And yes, just so you’re up to date, I am indeed late for my period and no, I’m not pregnant.

Second request to speak to my heart: There is a lady at my mom’s church who is 23 years old and named Jennifer. She had a baby this morning and she was only 27 weeks pregnant. Just like me, she had high blood pressure (toxemia actually; I am not sure if mine was toxemia or just PIH) and the placenta, again just like my placenta, was deteriorating and they had to take the baby early. The baby is doing fine in NICU, her name is Emily, and as of yet, no measurements have been taken so I cannot give details. PLEASE, I urge you, to remember her in your prayers. She is going to need them these next few weeks, trust me I know.
I’ll leave you with this:

Nick the artist.



  1. thats gotta be one of the most adorable pics of nick.

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