Posted by: angelnorman | September 15, 2007

A Place to Escape indeed

So in Smyrna there’s a hidden gem of a place that I must tell you all about, A Place to Escape Salon and Spa. I’ve never ventured past Food Lion, as far as places right off Nissan Blvd. Exploring Smyrna has never been on my to-do list, unfortunately, or I would have known about this place much sooner, before I wasted my income tax check travelling to Chattanooga and indulging in an overpriced spa package for mine and my husband’s anni. Because let me tell you, although that massage was great, the little package I treated myself to today was far better– and about the same price :/

Anyways! So I walked in, not really knowing what to expect from the place. It looked like a typical salon, honestly, only smaller than say a Super Cuts or something. Four styling chairs,  several free-standing shampooing station, and of course, the big blow dryer chair. On the left wall, there is hair product shelving, on the right, the checkout area. Directly in front of the door, there’s a partition wall so when you’re sitting and having your hair styled, you don’t have to worry about onlookers from the lobby.

Just past the checkout area on the right is where the spa awaits. I checked in, filled out my paperwork for the massage and eye brow wax, and had a seat in the lobby. A few minutes later, I was called back to the spa by Jasmine, the owner, and shown to a nice-sized bathroom where there were lockers stocked with a nice bath towel, a robe, and comfy slippers. I undressed and robed up, and headed to a private waiting area while my water for the herbal soak was being prepared– also by Jasmine. This room, the private waiting area, could have been the only place I escaped to all day and I would have been perfectly content. Reminding me a lot of the view from the balcony of the hotel we stayed at on our vacation to Gatlinburg last year, the creek below the trees seemingly sat still, though I’m sure it was moving very slowly along. The only thing the view missed was the majestic mountainline in the distance. And the room was stocked with snacks, truffles even! There were loungers and books and a lovely standing waterfall fountain in the room with me. Like I said… a good cup of coffee or hot tea and I would have been okay with just sitting there for hours, catching up on my reading.

The herbal soak was nice, though I’m not big on whirlpool baths. I like them; you’d be a fool not to like the jets of water beating against you and pounding the tension out of your tired, achy muscles, right? Exactly. I just can’t stay in there for too long. I’m not a soaker. I love baths but after a quick soak, I want to move on to cleansing and exfoliating and all that good stuff. So while I tried to dim the lights and kick back and read my Architectural Digest by the candlelight and relax for a good portion of time, I eventually got bored and started sniffing all the different herbals additives on the side of the tub. I even dumped a few more scoops of eucalyptus in with me. 🙂 Finally, I’d had enough and decided to dry and get back to that little room with the view.

I met a lady there who was celebrtaing her sister’s birthday by having facials and massages. We were talking about our spa experiences, or lack thereof, and she was ranting and raving about a facial she had received (and btw, I’m not sure what her skin looked like before, but I do know that post-facial she was positively radiant. Her skin was glowing.) I was telling her about massages, the book I was reading, how nice I thought the spa was, etc. We were offered waters or sodas, reassured several times that our appointments would start soon even though we hadn’t been waiting long. It was very nice, and I considered just sitting back and closing my eyes for a minute. But that’s when I was called back for the massage.

I feel terribly guilty about this part. I could not relax enough to not think while I was being massaged, and some of my thoughts were inappropriate ones towards my massaeuse, Brian. I should be ashamed, I know… and a part of me is. But you know, it was just one of those things.  But that’s not all I thought about, so don’t think I’m some weird perv or anything. I was certain his hands were not real. They were entirely too soft and yet firm all at once. And he was wearing chucks, I noticed. And he was tattooed, something else I took note of. I have a thing for male masseuses, I know this now. I was hoping the entire time that he couldn’t read my mind, lol. Anyways, I also thought about random stuff; it wasn’t just a bunch of me thinking about how attractive men with soft hands are. So don’t get the wrong idea 😛 Let’s just move on… lol. Just know that Brian is good at what he does, and he is very professional.

Danielle was the one doing my pedicure, and while normally I loathe anyone to give attention to my feet (Sometimes I’m very self-conscious about the bad genetics that have given me toes long like my dad’s and shaped like my mom’s… plus, they’re terribly ticklish…) she did a fabulous job. The chairs massaged my already massaged back while my feet soaked in a warm bath. She massaged my feet and legs, and applied a callous remover that costs $20 a bottle and is worth every penny. She exfoliated all my calloused spots and painted my toenails a nice crimson shade. A very sweet girl, that one.

Then I was ushered off to yet another massage room where I encountered Fariba, the waxer, aka, DEVIL LADY. Okay, so she was super sweet and VERY good at what she does, but she pointed out my lip hair, which I’ve been ignoring for many years now just fine until that very moment when it occured to me that someone else could indeed notice it. This is what earned her the nickname Devil Lady, and later she really earned it when she ripped off my entire upper lip, or at least this is what it felt like. Okay, fine. She doesn’t deserve her nickname! I’m not serious of course! Haha. She had the sweetest demeanor, and I actually felt more comfortable talking with her than I had all day. She was definitely agreeable, a very nice personality like my friend Mandy- you know, never meets a stranger, always cheerfully chattable. So the Devil Lady thing is just me being silly. I recommend you visit her if ever you need a good waxing. Plus, she complimented my natural arch AND my almond-shaped eyes– how could I not like someone who compliments my very own favorite facial feature? Ha. Not to mention she watched me get my hair fixed and commented the whole time about how great I look, how wonderful the stylist was doing, and of course, how proud she was of me that I was getting a mom’s day out 🙂

Speaking of the stylist, I wrapped up my day by meeting Susan, who listened to EVERY SINGLE WORD I said when I described what I wanted and then some. I told her I need fullness… a style without maintenance but indeed a style… something good for thin hair, but not too terribly short. She made me look like I’ve never looked before. The cut itself was awesome, but her style was so great. My hair was actually big. Not tacky big 80s hair, but like pumped with volume and no product was even involved. And don’t even get me started on how she washes hair and massages your scalp… OH! It’s yummy for sure. And from now on, it’s the only place I’m getting my hair cut. Seriously. I think I was so happy, I even told her I was never letting anyone but her cut my hair ever again.

So the point of all this is to say that you’d be making a terrible mistake if you let this place stay hidden much longer. The people there are so incredibly kind and caring and appreciative of the spa experience that I wonder why I would ever go anywhere else for those services. You have to go there and try it for yourself. You can start by admiring their website, which has a lovely list of their services!



  1. I’m so glad that you got to go…it is an amazing place..and this blog describes exactly what you deserved…and I”m glad you were happy with it!

  2. i’m glad you had a nice relaxing day.. wish i could do the same! i wanna see your hair!

  3. that sounds like my perfect day if only there was cake involved….hehehehe

  4. i am so glad it was awesome! you wouldn’t think it would be so nice with that ugly food lion in front and all.I had no idea there’s even a creek near by! we should do a girls day there sometime!

    and i am so with you on the waxing comments. i always get accused of shaving my eyebrows by waxers. how stupid do they think i am? its just that my eyebrow hair is JUST THAT coarse that when it grows back in it looks stubbly. i always walk out hating the technician with a fierce passion only excessive body hair can bring on.

    yeah!!!! im just so excited it turned out so well, you deserve it!

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