Posted by: angelnorman | September 21, 2007

And the smell of birthdays in the air…

It’s that time of year again. The temperatures outside, while still incredibly hot in these parts, is starting to dip a little and bring some relief. The wind has picked up a little. Acorns are starting to fall every time the wind rustles through the trees in my backyard. And orchestrating it all is the sun, who sets a lot earlier now than it did throughout the summer. Some of my favorite local restaurants have changed their menus to be more seasonal, complete with additions like Pumpkin Pie and Carrot Cake. These are all the ways I can tell that autumn is nearly here.

This, and the fact that I’ve been craving apples a lot lately… namely baked apples. Thank goodness I’ve been able to fill that craving with these Lean Cuisine meals that have a caramel apple dessert on the side. LOVE IT, have eaten it twice this week. But apples are in season soon, you know, so I imagine I will be enjoying a lot more of them soon.

It was yesterday when I was sitting at my desk when I happened to glance at my calendar and realized it was 10 days till the end of September. Ten little days. Soon it will be Thanksgiving, and I will be turning 28. Sooner than that, it will be Nick’s third birthday and I’ll be throwing a huge bash of which all my plans have changed and for which I am sort of unprepared. Even sooner than that though I really WILL be purchasing/making a Halloween costume and stocking up on treats to pass out to my neighborhood hoodlums.

I cannot believe how fast time is flying.

Nick and I decided on a theme for his party. Well, as themey as we get. We like to make our own themes up. Our theme this year is “Colorful Orbs”- not its actual name, lol. He wants polka dots, cupcakes, bouncy balls, and things of this sort- round things, in “red and blue,” I was informed. I had lots of conversation with him yesterday about this. Here’s a snippet for you.

Me: “What kind of party do you want to have?”
Nick: (Thinks for several minutes, so long in fact that I forgot what I asked when he did finally answer me.) “Cocoa Dots.”
Me: “Polka dots? For your party? Okay! Anything else you want for your birthday?”
Nick: “Yeah, I want a birthday party. And it’s gonna be fun.”
Me: (after laughing and then reassuring him he WILL have a party) “What kind of cake do you want?”
Nick: A birthday cake.

Duh, mommy!

I think we’ve decided that it should be colorful and fun, which is representative of Nick himself really and what he loves. Nick is set on cupcakes, so I’m baking a couple dozen, frosting them, and then bringing m&m’s and letting the kids decorate their own cupcakes. I do want every kid to get a candle, too, if their parents say it’s okay, and for Nick to blow his candles out and then all his friends get to blow their own out when they get served their cakes, with their parents help of course. He is also set on having it at the park, although I’ve even tempted him with Chuck E Cheese, The Bounce Factory, and The Discovery Center. He wants nothing but the playground- which is also so very Nick. He’s a playground nut. I love it.

I’ve asked who he wants on his cake, and he has thus far laughed at me as if the notion of someone being on his cake is just hilarious. And it is, when you think of it as an actual life-sized person standing on a cake. 😀 So he doesn’t grasp what I mean when I ask about this, like if he wants Thomas or Diego on his cake. Today though he did tell me he wanted Dora on his cake, which I’m sure Mike is gonna LOVE (he hates that Nick likes Dora more than Diego because Dora is a girl and all Dora merchandise is usually in pink or some girly color– as if this all matters at all! If he likes BARBIE, then that’s his business, right?!), but then he added, “She’s got a funny belly.” He loves how her belly is almost always exposed, as if her parents force her to wear clothes a size to small. So I dunno if we’ll be seeing Dora on our cake, but whatever we do, it’s sure to be fun and exactly what Nick wants. Right now, I don’t think he wants anything in particular except for polka dots, which was so randomly asked for anyways. Why the fascination with polka dots since he painted on the porch? I have no idea. But it’s all good.

I sorta wanted to have a round theme anyways this year, with a round cake and big inflatable balls everywhere for the kids to push around and enjoy. Martha Stewart has a good party plan for a “bouncy birthday” on her website right now, which I spend an incredible amount of time visiting. So cupcakes have round tops… and polka dots are round… and maybe we could have a round thing going after all, with colors emphasized since my kid loves his colors lately. (Seriously, he knows almost every color– only really struggles on brown and of course he doesn’t know the hybrid shades like goldenrod or fuschia– but he can’t tell you every letter of the alphabet.) It’s starting to sound a lot like a party for Artsy Mamas though, lol. Oh well. It’s easy to work with. I can buy plain tableware in all colors like last year and really make it bright and fun for pretty cheap. The only thing that I’m serving is cake, so that’s affordable, and the only really purchases I’ll need to concern myself with are the ones that will help me fill the favor bags. I’ve already got my favors figured out. Bubbles, tattoos, play-doh, and beachballs if we do the round thing. It’s pretty much my kid’s favorite things in a bag with a side order of beachball. Heh.

But we’ll see. I’m trying to keep it affordable and low-key. We’ve done two huge birthday parties so far and each time, I am exhausted by them. The one thing I really want this year for sure is a nice bottle of wine for the mommies to sit back and sip while we watch our kids play the day away on the playground. I want to actually sit and talk to my friends.

I don’t want to be bombarded with gifts– seriously… he receives way too much and if any of my friends the need to get him something, I wish they would consider his huge family and the fact that his birthday is a month from Christmas. And I don’t want to have to serve food and worry about not enough or too much or if I get a chance to eat, which I did not last year until 7 pm that night. And I don’t want it to consume me decoration-wise. I want to streamer up the whole picnic shelter, yes, but it won’t kill me if the whole place isn’t a birthday wonderland. I want my kid to have the best time AND I want to celebrate 3 years as his parent– stress free and happy. That’s all that matters.

Welp, it’s lunchtime. Then we’re painting invites. I’m sure I’ll share pics of this later.



  1. yay! HOW COOL! Nick is creative! I never would have thought of that theme! Does PartyCity carry the “colorful orbs” theme? LOL

    I love it! Just let us know the date so we can mark it on our calendar..since apparently I just invited us.

    Love you guys!

  2. Yay for Balls!

  3. Haha. Party City doesn’t, but Wal-Mart actually does 😛 I seen polka dotted plates there yesterday!

    Today he told Mike that he no longer wanted polka dots for his party, but instead he wants POOP. That’s right. A Poop Party. Such a lovely, imaginative child. Ha.

  4. well if he has changed from poop back to polka dots..I saw some awesome plates at target last night!

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