Posted by: angelnorman | September 25, 2007


Every year around this time and for whatever reason, I engross myself in interior decorating. Suddenly my house, which I’ve mostly ignored all summer, becomes top priority. Perhaps this is some natural impulse, like how our ancestors would prepare their homes in days long ago for winter, and I am merely feeling the effects of human nature. Or maybe it’s just because my birthday is on the horizon and I know I can get lots accomplished with the proper amount of begging! Ha. It’s probably that one.

So I had this dresser that three years ago I decided to paint. I replaced the old drawer pulls with some nickeled knobs and filled in the holes with wood putty. You can see what I mean if you click here, and look to the far left of the pic. Anyways, three whole years ago, I prepared for this… but yesterday I finally took it upon myself to complete this project, thinking if I screwed it up to bad I might finally be motivated to get a new dresser. Here is what I accomplished:

On the deck, first coat.


Not bad, not bad. I’m on a roll these days I guess. Never made a wreath, but that didn’t stop me from making a decent one. Never painted a dresser, but hey! I didn’t do so bad if I do say so myself. It looks like a whole new piece of furniture in there. Maybe I’ll clean my room up and show you the entire thing soon… yeah, right.

And here, Moma. This is for you:

New rug.

See the new rug? Isn’t it cute?

Hey I just had a thought. I love autumn. Love! And I decorate my house in the colors of autumn all the time, with some contrast here and there so as not to be too showroomy. Anyways, maybe that’s another reason why I can’t resist working on the home improvements and redecorating the place… I’m faced with my favorite colors in all the autumn-inspired home decor that has hit the shelves within the last few weeks. Hm. Could be.

But speaking of my kitchen… shouldn’t I paint those cabinets?!



  1. YES! paint the cupboards. also when I was researching contact paper there was a lady who actually covered her whole fridge in ‘stainless steel’ contact paper. you could do that with your dishwasher, if you wanted to go nuts of course.

    the dresser looks awesome. and you are very inspriring, although i haven’t done anything yet….

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