Posted by: angelnorman | October 2, 2007

A means of procrastination: or how do I clean the house when there’s blogging to be done?

This morning, as the sun just started to rise, I opened my eyes to see a little person standing right in front of me. “Hi, Mommy. What doin?” Since 6:15 AM, I’ve been up and at ’em, surprisingly. Usually when he wakes me up earlier than normal, I pop in a movie and we “watch” it together.. meaning of course that I sleep while he watches, and I use the term sleep here very loosely. Anyways, I’ve made today all about getting back on track with things. I have housework to do, calls to make, laundry to catch up on, etc. I’ve taken some time during all this to put Nick back to bed (rubbing his eyes, excessive yawning, and lethargy on the couch two hours after he insisted upon getting up early: not surprising at all!) And I’ve also taken some time to remedy the issue I was dealing with last week of not being in the know and up to date on current headlines.

Two things here. I laughed at Paris Hilton on David Letterman the other night. He really socked it to her. I don’t blame him of course; I don’t feel the least bit sorry for her. I especially liked the, “So do you know what you did?” That was classic. However, I find myself really sad for Britney. I know she needs help, and that the children are really better off NOT in her care right now, but man… is K-Fed any better really? I mean, sure we haven’t seen him doing too much lately, but is that simply because no one cares enough to follow him around like that? What if he is on drugs (like it’s a question)… or worse, what if he doesn’t wear panties? I kid, I kid. I’m no fan of Britney. I think I own two cd’s, which might make you think I’m a fan, but no, I bought them to entertain my cousin’s daughter once when she stayed the week with me. Anyways, I don’t consider myself a big Britney person. I would love to sit her down and give her a good talkin’ to, but I also want to help her. I don’t want to slap her as much as I do Paris. Why I am more fond of Britney is a mystery to me. Maybe I’m prejudiced against non-moms.

My brunch date on Saturday should go swimmingly. Assuming I go. I’m caught in this weird “can’t decide which means more to me” sort of thing. Do I go to a kid’s birthday party and see my current pals or do I go hang with my mom, sans kid, and meet a non-mom and HER mom (so many moms!) for brunch? I would be lying if I said I haven’t wanted to spend time getting to know Shannon, my mom’s friend. She eats organic as much as is possible, she’s always up for trying new types of foods, and she knits and recycles. She sounds like my kind of girl. But I also feel bad for not going to my friend’s kid’s birthday party… and I’m not even sure why I’d feel bad. I’d still send a gift! So what’s the dang difference in my head? I have to make a flippin’ decision pronto though.

Speaking of birthday parties, ours is gonna rock so much… if I can find some place to host it.

A quick confession: I just went out and spent like $130 on new clothes. When I got home, I realized that 2 of my shirts were almost identical in style… both zippered hoody sweaters,  cabled. The only real difference is color. What the heck? I’m going to have to exchange at least one of them, probably the gray one as I am buying up quite a bit of gray thanks to SJP’s new line. Yes, once again, I have purchased too much from the Bitten line. It is nice though because Steve and Barry’s doesn’t have the houndstooth jacket OR the kimono sweater yet, both of which I am dying for, so when they get them, I will have essentially already paid for it!

Okay, okay. Enough procrastination. Speaking of… I wasn’t the least bit surprised with my results on this quiz. Me? Addicted to something? Never! After all, this blog isn’t a waste of time, a means of procrastinating further to avoid being productive today. No, not at all. It’s not entirely about useless things like how I’ve been slacking on my housework, celebrity news, my recent overspending either… Nope, not here.

Oh. Wait. 😉


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