Posted by: angelnorman | October 10, 2007

Take a peek at this.

Click here.

Last night I finished up the majority, and by majority I mean 96% of the work, on the Security job. K came over and walked me through the last few things that were necessary to include, and I worked surprisingly well with someone standing over me. (I was sorta worried about that.) She paid me everything I am gonna make on this job, and it’s done. I am so relieved. While this is a great first step into a career for me, I still cannot say that I want to do this full-time. I’m leaving it with God. He knows best what I should do with my life, and if this is it, I am confident He will bring opportunities my way. I will do them if I can, obviously. I now have the confidence and know-how to not shy away. And that is worth something.

Anyways, so this morning I received an email from my husband containing the article above and I just about flipped out. One- I thought it was about mold, as in house mold. Haha. Two- who would group designing a website into the “smalltown hero” category? That makes no sense. And three- why would anyone do an article about me and not inform me of it?! Isn’t there some law there or something?! So I called Mike to get the scoop. Well it’s like this, kids. It’s a FRAUD! Michael wrote the article himself on some website where you can, and when he realized I thought it was real, he felt so bad, lol. I didn’t care… I knew something was up since K hadn’t mentioned talking to the paper about the job. He apologized profusely though, as if he hurt my feelings or something. You know me, I hate the limelight. So I don’t care if anyone knows about what I do or not.

But there is something that I do care about in that article.

Look at all those nice things my husband said about me, even though he used some words that don’t fit and you know, he isn’t the greatest writer. (Sorry babe, but I cannot tell a lie.) When I read those words though, after knowing it was all from him, it really meant way more. I knew he was proud of me, deep down. Aw. I especially like how he sums up the fact that it’s tough for women to break out of molds that have been forced upon them by society. So he says “enforced”, big deal. The point there is that he is a supportive man, and how often do you really get that? Yesterday I had to make him congratulate me on finishing my first REAL (and by that I mean, they’re not related to me) job since having Nick and he was all, “I didn’t know I had to congratulate you for that. Sorry. Way to go.” I almost hit him in his big teeth, because I know I didn’t pull in a gob of money or anything but I did something with my TALENT that should be applauded by myself and my husband at the very least. BUT he has totally redeemed himself with this– I’m glad to read some of these things that he said and see true feelings come out.

Now I just have to call my SIL back and reassure her that I’m not as big-time as she accused me of being when I read the article aloud to her during our phone call this AM.

On second thought, I’ll just let her think I’m awesome.



  1. i totally thought it was house mold too! And Mike had me fooled. I thought at first ‘ok, this is fake, and then I read the quote and I was like, wait. wow. this is really cool. and then when you talk about mike writing it an you re-read it, its the sweetest thing on earth.

    and congrats on finishing the job! i know that’s a good feeling!


  3. I thought it was totally real! that was super sweet of him! Awww, give him some brownie points! And yes, although you may not have raked in lots and lots of dough, like you said you put your talents to work and made something that is great! GOOD JOB ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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