Posted by: angelnorman | October 16, 2007

Lovin’ is what I’ve got.

Yesterday some changes were put into place in the Norman household to eliminate financial stress and in the process, to waste less– two very big deals for us this year. Waste not, want not… that’s what I’m sayin’. All year long I’ve evolved into this more Earth-friendly girl. When I was seveteen, you could have told me that in ten years I’d have these “Save the World” goals and I would have believed you whole-heartedly, except maybe I would add that I would also be volunteering for Greenpeace and at the very least, donating blood as often as possible. Back then I was very nature-minded, and especially compassionate towards the planet and my fellow man. Years went by and dreams slipped away. I didn’t go off and join the Peace Corp and I didn’t land a gig with  National Geographic, travelling across the globe and writing about third world countries so that my readers could feel inspired to help. I focused more on making money and paying bills in the here and now, finding me a sugar daddy (HA) and raising a family. That enviro-conscious person seemed to be lost forever and only this year has she resurfaced…. So I feel I am slowly but surely coming full circle in this.

If you don’t recycle, something is wrong with you. I mean, how easy is it to not toss out paper and plastic at the very least?! And if you don’t care about your planet at all, you should really ask yourself when exactly God gave you the right to totally trash one of His most beautiful creations. Jerks!


This weekend I came to the realization that my baby was no longer a baby for only the gazillionth time in his life thus far, lol. I mean, I know that he’s going to grow and I know I will always be in awe of how quickly he does such. But there is still that part of me that doesn’t believe it, that refuses to acknowledge it. And that part is the same part that is completely dumbfounded by it, the part that is surprised when I realize my kid is growing up all over again. Last Friday was the one-month till his birthday mark. I actually forgot until my little sister called and reminded me. One month till three. My, my.

Two is the weirdest of ages. They start out as babies at two. On their second birthdays, they are still very much baby-like. They’re most of the time still in diapers, can’t talk very clearly or very often… Maybe still on special toddlerized foods. Not much different than one really except in size and mobility, at least not in my opinion. And they end their second year as children. No longer a baby, but a child. A true toddler- talkative, energetic, potty-trained, eating a wide variety of food. In just one tiny year they have made such a huge transformation, developed a very distinct personality (and thus attitude), and have come so far in developmental milestones. Incredible!

All this is prompted by me no longer being able to shop in the same section I once did at Carter’s for Nick’s clothes. That was when it really hit home. I looked through the racks and thought to myself, “My goodness, they have nothing in his size. Ridiculous!” Then Mike pointed out that the other end of the store, where the bigger kids’ sizes were, is where I needed to look. And as silly as it may sound, I couldn’t believe what this meant. It meant Nick was growing physically, sure, and that also meant that he was growing in many other ways. And it sort of made me sad and happy all at once. Churned. The other side of the store had always seemed so… big-boyish. I mean, they have kids size 7 over there for Pete’s sake! I never thought about not shopping in the infant section, where you can shop for sizes 6 months to 24 months, for Nick. It never even entered my mind, but once I thought about it, it was incredibly surprising.

And on that same note… It was like a whole new world in the new area of the store, with some really cute clothes in the proper size for my (little) big boy. I had a bit too much fun picking out some new duds to outfit my kid. Luckily my mom was willing to make some purchases because my wallet is struggling these days to even pay bills, ha.


But my wallet is NOT struggling to pay for our upcoming 3rd birthday party, and this pleases me. I toned it down A LOT. I’ve only invited close friends and family, ones who have a relationship and a great appreciation for my kid. Because no one else should be there anyways, IMO. It’s his special day after all… why would he want to be surrounded by people who aren’t close to him? So this is by far my cheapest birthday party yet– and now it’s a model for how future birthday parties should go. I’ve only spent about… $45 on it thus far, and that includes all the tableware and favor bags for the limited amount of invited kiddos. Just got to get a cake, some drinks, and some ice. I’m excited to not be overwhelmed as in previous years where having blowout bashes with lots of food, activities, goody bags, drink options, and pricey cakes were on the agenda. 

I think back to my childhood and I think about all my best birthday parties. Honestly, I don’t look longingly at the bowling parties or the countless slumber parties. I look back and see me at my Nanny’s kitchen table with my cousins and brothers all around me, opening gifts… or in recent years, at my mom’s house with my Granny there (God, I miss her) and my little sister and my Nanny Tune and everyone who came to eat Thanksgiving with us enjoying some birthday cake and talking about how old I’m getting. So my point is that I didn’t enjoy the big snazzy shindigs as much as I just enjoy being surrounded by those who love me. And I want the same for my kid. I want him to have both- there’s a time and place for everything- but I also want for him to know that life is all about loving and sharing with the people who surround you. And that family and friends who are true are what make life so beautiful… so worth celebrating. 

I know I’m loving the ones I’ve got. And I know he is loving everyone who loves him! Life is good.



  1. what always surprises me about recycling is how much less trash is in our trash can. sure i may let the recycling pile up for weeksm until we can no longer open our garage door, but hey, at least its not in a landfill….

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