Posted by: angelnorman | October 22, 2007

Many things on my mind during naptime today

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m beat. My friend A and I decided that we were going to blame busy weekends and the weather for our lack of energy today. I was SO busy– funeral home, eating, funeral home, eating, MNO, eating. Yeah, I ate a little too much this weekend, ha. Maybe I’m just overly fat, that’s why I’m so tired. Oh! But my, my how time is flying. Speaking of A, she’s almost here! Yay! I love good friends moving closer. Thoughts of dinner parties and playdates run rampant in my mind. And you know what that means, don’t ya? NICK WILL BE THREE in like three weeks or something. Wow.

A huge chunk of me feels that I need myself some good social connection these days (maybe that’s why I’m looking so forward to having A here again– well, one of my biggest reasons– because talking to her has always just come so natural.) I’m feeling rather disconnected from people though. My friends are all just so busy, E is out of town, J has her own stuff to deal with, A is packing her house up, the girls in my moms group are still relatively new friends and I wouldn’t feel comfortable just letting it all come out, whatever it includes. Even conversations with Michael, my supposed best friend, are strained, much like our relationship in general these days. It doesn’t help that I’m still reproductively broken and moody because of it. A good cup of coffee and some conversation could do me some good I think. Or maybe, just maybe, I shouldn’t talk at all. I’m not sure I even have anything to say so what good would social connection do? Maybe I should just be quiet and still and reclaim some peace since I’ve had no peace and no rest for at least 3 days straight. Maybe I just need to chill alone and find a pillow to scream into and call it a day.


I spent all of yesterday with Michael and Nick at a really cool picnic for the Comcast families– and we had a blast! Mike’s work put on this huge deal at Joe C. David Outdoor Park, and they offered inflatables, food, kayaking, canoeing, pontoon boating, horseback riding, and other fun games for the families of their employees. I was SUPER impressed. Most of their things for employees, well what I’ve been to, are adult-based and let’s be honest, quite sucky. I’m not the gambling and/or karaoking type, I’ll put it that way. I am however the family type and I know that my little family had lots of fun yesterday, thanks to Comcast for their generosity. And to you for paying your cable bills and keeping my husband in a job in a manner of speaking.

Sunday was the best day I’ve had in a really long time. Just us, hanging out and enjoying each other. We rounded out our night with breakfast for dinner (which Nick enjoyed) and a rousing game of Chutes and Ladders, which Nick got tired of before he even made it into the 20s, but Mike and I finished. He won, and boy, how he gloated. I think he even did a dance. I came close to winning like 8 times and finally I got that really big chute that takes you back like 63 spaces… Lame! But I’m happy Mike won, because apparently it meant something more to him. Haha!

A few cool things to round out my mish mash of a blog.

Did you know we replaced our kitchen light? It might not be that awesome to you, but I am proud of it. We haven’t done much here to put our stamp on this house, you know? We haven’t redecorated and we haven’t fixed things needing to be fixed really, minus how we replaced our shower heads. We’ve talked about it till we’re both blue in the face, but never once have we followed through. Except on this. Mike got the idea that he wanted to fix it, so we went to Lowe’s, where he picked out a light that actually met my approval, and he came home and put it up. It looks sooooo good in there, so much more awesome than what we had. And I love husbands who like fixing things and “going to the guy store” as Mike would say.

Light before: drab.

Light after: FAB!

And to wrap it up… Look how awesome I look when I rub my stomach and pat my head. Thanks to my friend S for the pic 🙂 You rule and I had lots of fun at your house. Thanks for having me.



  1. i’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! and we can hang out…..

  2. Even though I am “new” I will talk to you anytime about anything! 😉

  3. I have my own stuff to deal with all the time…but I still want to spend time with you in the midst of it…You make me feel like I”M not going through stuff..I forget about it when I”m at your house.. thanks.

  4. girl i swear you and i are like kharma twins seperated in different bodies…i am feeling the exact same lately….have you read my “bell jar” blogs lately….i may be a “new” friend, but i think we are going thru some of the same stuff and i am here for you…call me anytime,k….love ya

  5. You have the boob globe! We have the boob globe but it has leaves on it. lol Thats what I call them when I saw them at Lowe’s. lol We recently replaced ours last month and it does make a huge difference in the kitchen!

  6. I feel the same way lately! it’s wild how I read your blogs and i’m feeling/thinking the same thing! I know I’m a million miles away (not really), but you can call me or whatever any time! We should get together some time! I’m feeling the need to have a social connection with people I know and would like to hang out with! My husband can be anti social and I think I’m picking up on his bad habit of that! I don’t want to be like that! I would love to have another Mom close to me to hang out with that I have things in common with, it really sucks not to have good friends that live close! Anyway, call me sometimes and we’ll get together and scream in pillows and drink coffee!

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