Posted by: angelnorman | October 23, 2007

Marriage Schmarriage.

“Is this what you called me for? To point out what I forgot to do?”

Well when what you forget is everything but getting yourself out of bed (late) and going to work (late), and talking to me only in complaints about how school sucks and work blows, then shouldn’t I point that out? Don’t you, like I, have duties to fulfill?

I’m not happy with Mike today. Not at all. He wants a partnership in everything but time and time again, he proves to me that he thinks “partnership” means I do everything for him and he pretends he had a hand in it. I think we need to seek counselling, unbiased and raw, because I don’t think we’re going to be able to resolve this conflict on our own and I just can’t function another semester like this because who’s to say that when he graduates, it won’t still be this way because he’s so accustomed to it?!

I told him we needed to talk about this and do you know what he said? “OH GREAT! Everytime you say we need to talk, we get in some huge fight. Am I right?”

So caring about the well-being of our relationship. If it bothers you that badly that it turns into an argument, don’t get so dang defensive and push it all back in my face.


Marriage is unfun sometimes. But I cannot dwell on this. I have a house to clean, bills to pay, a kid to watch and teach and train, dogs to walk, exercises and devotionals to do, meals to plan, friends to babysit, the internet to surf, etc. My life is full. I shouldn’t complain. I should be thankful. But that’s easier said than done.

P.S. I just joined the Self Magazine “Get Organized in 30 Days” Challenge. You should too!



  1. Awesome…my husband is perfect though…:0)

  2. i hear ya girl…d is haloing while i try and wrestle coen to bed….ya me

  3. Wow! it’s crazy, I’ve been having the same problems w/ Scott. And when I try to talk to him, he says the same thing Mike said! What is it with men? don’t they know we don’t want to fight, but fix the problem! i told my friend at lunch today, it’s like we don’t talk any more, he complains or tell me what I need to do/forgot to do and that’s about it. I’m tired of being married and not having fun! This part of marriage really sucks! So what do we do about it??? if you figure out the answers enlighten me please! I’ve talked to scott about counseling before and he thinks its crap! whatever! Men just plain ole suck sometimes. So anyway just know that I feel ya, and you aren’t alone!

    Love ya,

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