Posted by: angelnorman | October 30, 2007

Robots from outer space

So Nicholas is very much into robots and space these days, something that I think my good friend A could appreciate. His two favorite movies are The Iron Giant and Zathura, both containing some subject matters inappropriate for a three-year old, but both decent enough movies to where I don’t care that it’s not Elmo or some other preschool character. In fact, just knowing they’re NOT preschoolish makes me like them a little more!

For curious minds, I should explain that I like to buck the system. I don’t do nursery rhymes and classic lullabies and I don’t do kiddy icons, unless they’re rockstars like Steve Burns and Laurie Berkner or totally awesome like the entire cast of Yo Gabba Gabba. I particularly hate Elmo, especially the sound of his voice. I used to get in heated arguments with people who hated Oobi because it “taught broken English” about the quality of their beloved Elmo’s speech. Puh-lease, referring to oneself in the third person (Elmo likes the color red. Elmo loves to read. Elmo loves you!) is no better than “Oobi. You. Friends.” I’m also not big on Winnie the Pooh or Mickey Mouse or anythign by Disney really, but I usually let that all slide. We’re just not icon people. We’re too individualistic for all that. Or maybe it’s just me.

Anyways, so a month or so ago (time is flying right by me so I have no idea how long ago it was), Nick randomly started shouting to me, “I’m NOT bad!” whenever I disciplined him. I took every precaution known to woman to not say anything about him being bad each time and still I would get this reaction. So I had to start trying to teach him the difference in bad people and bad behavior… which is difficult because it could technically be argued that people are only bad because of their behavior, but you know, that’s too heavy a debate for a toddler. We were doing well– every now and then we’d have a grandparent say, “Stop being so bad, Nick” or more recently, someone innocently proclaim that bad boys were not allowed in her minivan. (Haha.) Finally he began to not say this when being punished and all was mostly well.

Until today.

Today I asked him to pick up the blocks that he had randomly strewn into the kitchen at least a half a dozen times before I threatened to send him to time out. What did he yell at me today?

“I’m NOT a gun!”

You’ll have to watch The Iron Giant to understand it in full, but it’s something the giant robot says when he’s learned that he’s more than just a weapon of mass destruction. He can choose to be good and forgiving instead of vengeful. I’m not sure Nick has learned anything except that the robot doesn’t want to be a gun, and neither does he.


I know I said I’m not getting him anymore cars and trucks this year, because we could fill a small, pretend junkyard with the amount of oversized cars & trucks inside our house, but I can’t resist this one (click it!). He will for sure be getting this from me, since I appreciate his fondness for tow trucks that aren’t Mater. And I think we’re getting him some more board games to make family game night a little more enjoyable than him getting bored 5 minutes in with Chutes and Ladders, and Mike and I being forced to keep playing to show Nick that you are supposed to stay in the game until someone wins.

He will also be getting this, of course. Because it’s currently on our DVR listings and I don’t want to NOT have it at the touch of a button in case we have to trade in our crappy digital cable box. He loves it that much; he watches it everyday. So we’re going to buy it, if not in time for his birthday, then @ Christmas for sure. And just in case you have never heard of it, I want you to know that personally I feel it is the BEST animated movie I’ve ever seen in my entire life, and you should watch it. It is so touching and deep yet fun and hip.

Also, you should watch Zathura because Jon Favreau directed it and Jon Favreau is just awesome. The end.



  1. We are Iron Giant fans here too! I too think its a great movie.
    I had to laugh at your Elmo comments. I guess we are similar into the no commercialized character loving. Julianna knows who Elmo is but isn’t interested in it much. But she is GLUED to the TV at 11:30- 12:30pm every day during the week. Word World and Super Why is her top favorite shows on PBS. Good thing they do not have merchandise for those shows. lol
    Oh I forgot she is into the Disney Princess stuff. Thanks to my two movies in my collection, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.

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