Posted by: angelnorman | November 14, 2007

You’re not the one, but you’re the only one who can make me feel like this

At the start of the new year, we’re redecorating our house. I’ve decided this after spending only about 3 minutes talking with A and sharing with her some of my favorite rooms online. When I was renting in Antioch, I couldn’t WAIT to get out of that place and have a house of my own to decorate, one whose walls I could actually paint, and one whose carpets I could replace, etc. But we moved in here a week after I had Nick… I haven’t had much time to do things because you know, things require time and money and effort… stuff that is all in short supply around here. But I think I’d like to change that, and after Christmas, I’ll feel better about budgetting my money for this purpose. It won’t be a quick change, but I can use some of the tax refund money to help me I’m sure.

Until then, I’ll just dream of egyptian cotton and warmer wall colors. And cushions fo rmy dining chairs…. and suede valances for my living room. Mmm. Suede.


I feel restless. I feel like screaming and running and just… I dunno… going full force and not stopping. I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately. It’s such a weird mood, like I want to just change. I have said this before and I’m obviously getting ready to say it again, but I do this weird thing around every birthday where I feel a great need to change. It’s like making New Years resolutions… I write out a list of things I MUST do before the next birthday. Last year I did things like, “Get a new hairstyle” (which happened twice), “Take a yoga class” (totally did thanks to an Artsy Mamas MNO), and “Learn to Salsa” (and if you count my Zumba class, I did!) This week, I’m feeling the pull again to make my list. Only… I’ve got no desire to do anything…. but not doing anything really makes me blegh. I’m just blegh in general. I think this is all because I need to shed the lining of my uterus. Stupid hormones. Stupid ovaries that don’t produce eggs properly.

Oh and another thing. I want so bad to be excited about Christmas, but for some reason, it’s not happening. I keep trying to tell myself that I’ll keep it pure and simple… but I can see that I may not be willing to put in all that effort to keep it low key. Sad ain’t it? It’s like, it takes more effort to keep things casual and non-commercialized than it does to just buy presents in bulk and get caught up in the crappy gift exchange.

I am excited about Secret Santa, something I do with my playgroup. Last year I had a girl who lived like 30 minutes away and it was hard for me to get her gifts to her as often as I would have liked, but it was so fun. Just concentrating on spoiling her silly with some goodies really helped keep me cheery about the holidays. And you know what else I’m excited about? Making a lot of my gifts and keeping costs low…. I just really hope that there’s also a lot of caroling, and eggnog (although I’m not really a fan), and maybe I can get with Ems and/or any of my other gals and just have a Gingerbread man bake-off…. And I can find some way, some how, to keep Christmas FUN without letting the focus be on gift-giving. I do LOVE December. It’s a great month.

And just talking about it makes me warm and fuzzy. So maybe all I need to do is research some atypical ways to celebrate and just party all month long. I like this plan. It sounds so right for me.

You know me… I’m a party animal. A handmade-gifts-and-lots-of-love-in-the-form-of-baked-goods kind of party animal.



  1. oh you are so on! except i hate gingerbread, so make it sugar.

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