Posted by: angelnorman | November 16, 2007

Bye bye piece of my past that took up way too much space in my living room.

Look what I did yesterday.

Heck yes it's gone.

Thanks to the help of my friend A, I have managed to tear down what my friend M helped me to build… that monstrous box of an entertainment center that used to house my TV and electronics. Yes, I built that. Many years ago, and only out of necessity. Actually, it’s quite a fun story. Come along with me.

So I was sitting on the floor, my cervix feeling as if it were about to fall out of my body. It was bad. You see, I had started my period that night, and I was in incredible pain… but STUPID MIKE just HAD to go to his company Christmas party nonetheless and stay till they drew for the door prizes he signed us up for. Here were his choices: dvd player,  big screen TV, several vacation packages, all kinds of movies and games, lit electronic gadgets like mp3 players maybe (I dunno, it was like 2001 or 2002 so whatever was hip then), but he could only pick one thing to try to win and he chose the TV. Hmm. The TV. Not the vacation to Florida or whatever but the 50″ Why-In-God’s-name-do-we-need-such-a-big-TV? TV… the gift that just keeps on giving. And for awhile, Mike’s employers thought it fun to have the Christmas party every year at what is now LP Field, where we would have decent food and expensive (not free at all- wtf?) drinks, and pretend we were at a Casino with all the fake money they gave us at the beginning of the night. Nice. Well, I’m not into $5 beers and gambling, so I was miserable… then combined with the period thing, I was just really not doing so well. So I wanted to go home, and I found him at the Blackjack table and said, “Seriously, let’s go.” He said he HAD to stay till at least midnight, when they drew for the prizes and he wasn’t going to discuss it. So I went outside to smoke all by my lonesome and I didn’t even care if I froze to death at that point.

Finally he came to get me, and it was time for the drawings. So we went in and they started going through everything. People were laughing and winning left and right and being drunken idiots… and I was thinking how much I hated it all. And finally they come to the freakin’ television and said, “And the winner is… ” Yup, you guessed it. My husband. So that’s how we inherited this TV we own and that is why I’d be a ruthless bitch if ever I tried to get him to get rid of it.

That is what made me NEED to build the entertainment center. It was that or pay out like $1k for a pretty one, so I just built it. It was by no means beautiful. But it was functional.

And I know it’s looking very dorm room now, what with the tv tray holding my cable box and dvd player, but that is all temporary until I can buy an audio cabinet I love… like this one. Or this one  even. I am confident I can buy one within the next couple of months. I deserve this, right? I mean, he won the TV, and I should FINALLY get something I love out of the deal too…. right? 😛

Oh and… Like my trees on the picture ledge? I’ve started decorating for Christmas already, yes, and let me just say that I am way more in the mood for it now than I was in blogs past. I think it was because I shopped at Old Time Pottery yesterday. It  changed me. I’m a changed woman now, all thanks to ultra-reliable OTP. Seriously though, it is such a weird (but neat) place with SO MUCH STUFF, that it’s hard for me to avoid it during this time of year and not find something while I’m there. Especially with such awesome sales…. It’s reliable and unchanging in that sense. You will always be able to go there during this season and find Christmas decor on sale, find some sort of knick knacky thing to get as a gift for everyone in your family for way cheap, get blasted in the face as you walk in by the overpowering cinnamony smell of their floral section, hear the Christmas tunes being played throughout the store, talk to some old ladies who work there who are never nice…. Seriously! Why are they so mean? I don’t understand it! And I thought it was just me, that only *I* noticed that everyone who works there hates their job (mostly true with all McDonald’s employees as well), but A pointed it out too yesterday, so it’s not just me. Haha. I think they’re all high on the cinnamon and they just don’t care anymore. Cinnamon-induced hatefulness.

Anyways, my living room feels so much bigger. Even Michael, who hates “catty-cornered TVs”, likes how open it makes the room feel. I can’t wait to paint now! We have no excuse now that the monstrous entertainment center is gone. Pommery mustard walls, here I come!



  1. You crack me up I can’t quit laughing:)

  2. WHOA! looks awesome! the room looks HUGE in that picture!

  3. I think your living room looks so much more spacious! I really like it.

  4. I love your living room like this it looks great. Good idea. You know the reason I keep laughing is because of the statement cinnamon induced hatefulness, I was thinking about it again this morning and for some reason or another (go figure) I started laughing again. I love you.


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