Posted by: angelnorman | November 22, 2007

Sometimes you babysit and sometimes you just try to be a good person.

A few days ago I had an argument with one of my closest friends. It was a stupid, petty argument blown way out of proportion thanks to insecurities, hurt feelings, ineffective communication, and lots of other things that sabotage relationships. Things were said that baffled me and then ultimately disgusted me, yet instead of looking at it like a burden I had to bear alone, I chose to look at how I could learn from it all. It felt like then that I was choosing to use that moment to stop worrying and let God handle it– and handle it He did. He also mercifully helped me to handle a few other relationship issues that needed dealing with…. all in one tiny day.

No matter how in the wrong I feel other people can be, it’s unfair for me to not admit to some fault– or not even fault really, but responsibility; just taking responsibility for my actions– and do what I can as their friend to help them with whatever issues they are facing. I not only reached a peaceful resolution with my close friend that day, but I also called up a few other friends who I’d not apologized to when I should have or with whom I left things unsaid that were hanging over my head and weirding me out. And afterwards, my mind was clear and my heart unburdened. I suddenly released things that for so long, I felt convicted about.

Really and truly the mature thing to do was admit to myself that sometimes, with some people, a little extra effort is required. As my friend M puts it, Some people need a little more to fill their love banks than others. 🙂 Sometimes, people are just high-maintenance and need a little bit of extra care. You can be nice and give it to them, or you can be like I was and refuse it because you’re low-maintenance and don’t understand it. There’s only one right way and I guess what I’m trying to say is that my previous way was NOT the right way.



  1. I miss you.

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