Posted by: angelnorman | November 24, 2007

From the parents: birthday money that I was forced to spend on myself.

So the holiday season has just begun and I’m just about all shopped out. Today I wandered around Steve & Barry’s hoping to find some good deals. I got 3 pairs of jeans for $10 each and then 3 sweaters for around $15-20 each. After that, though, I was done. I wanted shoes and accessories, but alas, nothing stood out to me save for a purse and I’d rather wait and go to Target or something to get that. I mean who buys just the necessities?! Not this girl, not normally. I was just not in the mood to shop I don’t suppose, even though two days ago, I had money burnin’ a hole in my pocket. Spent $100 though… Eh. Maybe I’m getting sick or something, haha.

The more often I shop at Steve & Barry’s for SJP’s Bitten line, the more I realize that really it’s only a line full of very basic things. Tees, khakis, jeans, sweaters all in neutral colors. Actually I take that back. Some of the tees are colorful. But none of the tees are ever in my size so whatever. Most of the items I come out with are either navy, black, beige, gray, or white. All very neutral, see? And don’t get me wrong, neutral is nice sometimes. But sometimes a girl, even a big girl like me, needs a little bit of color, yanno? I guess that’s when the girl has to shop at Old Navy. But is it just me, or are they even getting a little too pricey for their britches? I used to be able to find lots for under $20 there, at least $25, and now it’s really sorta rare that I like anything under $30. It’s like a slow price increase… like gasoline! And diapers!

You know what store I like a lot more than I thought I would, though? Ashley Stewart. I’m not sure what’s up with it being for urban women, as it says on their site. Actually what it says is, “Fashion conscious plus-size urban women shop at Ashley Stewart to find the latest fashions that reflects their inner-confidence.” The website doesn’t italicize or bold it like that, but I wanted to point out the use of the word “urban”, which means to me, of the city. Yet all the models are very beautiful plus-sized women of color, and this makes me analyze things like…. Does this make Lane Bryant for suburban women? And does that mean that white people can’t be urban and black people can’t be suburban? I just don’t get it, but I like the store and as long as I’m not feeling like I don’t belong there, which I have never felt, then what the hell! Technically the fashions are still a bit too dressy for my tastes and needs. Nothing about any of their outfits reads, “Just another playdate crawling through the nasty plastic tubes at a local McDonald’s to get my kid who refuses to come down!” But if I needed something nice to wear to a Christmas party or you know, to church if I went to church at all, then I would so buy more from them. I went in today and tried on a nice white button up with a black knit poncho. I was very cute, ‘cept for my baggy fat girl jeans and my dirty chucks…. I really didn’t feel I was pulling the look off though, so I didn’t buy it. But still! Cute stuff, decent (slightly cheaper than suburban Lane Bryant) clothing for bigger ladies who like to look stylish and urban.

I guess I’ll take my leftover cash and get Mike’s Christmas present. I mean, the big one. It’s not just for MIKE… I can enjoy it too (trust me… I intend to enjoy it full force!) But I can’t type anymore just in case he’s reading this for clues about his gift 😉

(Haha, sucka.)


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