Posted by: angelnorman | November 25, 2007

Prayer Shawl update.

So a few months back I signed myself up to make a prayer shawl for my friend Amanda who lost her son in a very tragic and sudden way. I had actually been researching prayer shawls already because I had intended to make one for each of my moms- my mom and two MIL’s. You see, I’m looking into putting meaning into each of my gifts this year and knitting a shawl with whispered prayers and lots of love seemed the BEST idea at the time. I had no idea when I started the one I made for Amanda that it would take me many months to finish it. I’m not an avid knitter all the time. I cannot devote hours each day to it, and that fact alone coupled with the other fact that this was my first shawl ever, prayer or otherwise, contributed to my 3 month long creation of this gift.

I started out hoping that everytime she wrapped herself in the shawl, she remembered that someone who thought highly of her (me) had created this gift for her…. And not only had I created this gift, but I also had prayed for God’s guidance as my needles moved quickly (sometimes) and I thought of her non-stop. In fact, I could think of nothing else as I knit along… it was very entrancing that way. She stayed on my mind. Silas stayed on my mind. And I wanted her to know that when she wrapped herself in that shawl, it was if I was wrapping my arms around her; Artsy Mamas was wrapping their arms around her; God was wrapping His arms around her. I wanted her to use it to remember she was loved.

I didn’t count on it coming out a lot smaller than I intended. I guess I figured I could block it and make it stretch… But no, that’s not how it works really all the time. So I finished the shawl and it ended up more like a capelet. Fine, whatever.

Capelet 1

Capelet 2

I wasn’t really happy with this though…. Go figure, eh?

So I decided to seam the edges (and it’s NOT an invisible seam– I’m not that good yet) and make Amanda’s prayer shawl into a moebius capelet. A moebius is a flat piece with a twist in it that has no beginning or end. And I thought that I could use this to my advantage, because after all, God’s love for Amanda will never end, nor will my love and appreciation for her. Therefore I created this…

No beginning...

And no end.

Now when she wears the capelet, she can remember that someone out there thinks the world of her, and that that person prays for her regularly and those prayers will continue as time passes without fail. And she can know that God’s love will never waiver, that God will always be there for her with His arms wrapped around her, keeping her warm and safe and in the presence of grace. And she can know that the lives she and her little boy touched are numerous…. and that all the mothers in Artsy Mamas, where we met her, care for her very much. She can know that we will never forget. We will never stop loving her and loving her child or hugging our own children a little tighter and remembering to appreciate every moment with them for what it is. She can know she is loved deeply and lifted in prayer.

And that’s the real gift here. Not the knitting.



  1. That looks amazing!

  2. great job! that is so sweet of you!

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