Posted by: angelnorman | November 28, 2007

Birthday stuff.

This is me at 28: (actually, it’s me at 27, just a few short days away from 28 but it was the last pic taken of me and I don’t feel like hunting down my camera to give you one of me right now, at the actual age of 28. Deal with it. I know it’ll be tough, but just try.)

Me, age 28.

I don’t feel much different yet. I’m only about an hour in, though. The only differences I have noticed is that my skin is changing and I seem to be more contemplative now than I was just a few hours ago. We’ll start with the skin thing. It’s definitely changing with the passing years. Actually I started noticing this several months ago, when I ran out of shaving cream and decided to shave my legs with just water and Mike’s razor. I’ve never ever been able to do this without major irritation because my skin has always been so sensitive. Now however I can do this with no problem, no razor burn to show for it.

About the contemplation, well… I think that’s just because I feel like I should be.

Twenty-seven was a good age for me. I grew closer to God, I celebrated 10 years with my husband (not in marriage, just in general togetherness), I participated in a benefit walk for one of my fave causes, I helped an organization start, I made lots of new friends, I strengthened bonds with people I’d been friends with for awhile, I helped someone in need, I wrote more this past year than I have in the past 5 years combined, I celebrated my son’s third birthday, and I did more yoga and tried new experiences every chance I could. I grew in my confidence and intelligence. I involved myself more in the world around me.

Before my next birthday, I want to accomplish the following:
Drop one size, though two would be better
Learn a new talent/craft
Go to church more
Do more pilates and yoga
Meditate/pray harder and more often
Have my house stay cleaner longer so I can relax more
Call my grandparents at least once a month to check in
Work on my relationships with my dad and my brothers
Be a less stressed mom
Learn to speak Italian
Dance more
Sing more
Care more
Try one new thing every single month
Plant a garden
Eat healthier
Volunteer more and reach out more to those who need it 
See a new city, I’m bored with the ones I’ve been to
Watch the sun rise or set more often
Take more time to enjoy nature
Register to vote and make sure we don’t elect another stinkface.


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