Posted by: angelnorman | November 29, 2007

Birthday goodness.

What do you get when you combine 6 children, 4 women, a plate of brownies, a pan of almond pound cake, a candle, a pot of coffee, a cup of hot tea, and a tiny 1200 sq. ft. house? Why you get a birthday party fit for a queen of course 😉 To start off my day, I got up, made the bed, vacuumed the house, lit my candles, and just sat and relaxed while waiting for my friends to arrive. A got here first, L-bug in tow, with a bag of Dunkin Donuts coffee to boot (Mmm Hazelnut). And then one by one, everyone showed up… E and the boys, M and her two donut kids…. Michelle much later (and Michelle brought ice cream cake and flowers too.) It was a nice chaotic day full of love and gifts and friendships and conversation. There was never a moment where I felt lonely or yanno, bored. The phone rang almost all day long. Birthday wishes from all over. And I got cards and flowers and lots of good foods and a cool magnet board and other fun things.

Afterwards we went to dinner where I got a margarita and a nice bowl of ice cream in my face. THANKS, Cozumel 😛 And when we came home, there were flowers on my porch from Madge and the Hokansons, which is J and her boys, who are out of town but who wanted me to know they were there with me in spirit. (Thanks, guys!)

Birthdays are nice when they’re so full like that. So thank you everyone who was a part of it, in whatever way 🙂 Here’s some pics for you.



  1. I’m so glad you had a good bday! what great friends!!!

  2. Looks like you gals and kiddos had a blast!! Happy Belated birthday by the way. =o)

  3. wish i couldve been there it looked like you all had a lot of fun! love you

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