Posted by: angelnorman | December 4, 2007

One of the things weighing on my mind these days is eating healthy on a budget. This past weekend while at my IL’s house, I was reading a copy of an All You magazine, and one of the feature stories was how a family of five- who normally spent $130 a week in groceries- learned to reduce their grocery bill and still eat healthy, which is a practice that is right up my alley. Despite the fact that I loathe the big corporate giant that was originally the only place to buy All You and has ad after ad after nauseating ad within the magazine (you know the one), I will admit that they had some great tips there, the likes of which I’ve never seen in any other magazine for “real women”.

Obviously I cannot tell you all the tips because 1) I don’t remember them all and 2) even if I did remember them, there’d be no point in you buying the magazine if I gave you all the tips. But since reading this, I’ve done lots of research on the subject and here is what I am going to try. The first, and really most obvious, tip was to reduce the amount of meat your family buys and consumes each week. I’m trying this first because I agree that the cost of meat is ridiculous(and meat bothers me anyways since someone told me there were chicken with no heads in a warehouse somewhere being bred just to feed me…). So I’m limiting how much meat is purchased and consumed and using my savings to buy higher quality, free-range and non-antibiotic-fed meats. One of the ways I’m combating the need to use meat in stuff is by replacing it with beans. Last night we had homemade vegetable soup, meatless- which I’ve never done before- but with extra white beans in the lean ground beef’s place, with a side (okay, a whole 8×8 pan between the two of us) of cornbread. Tonight we have leftover soup with grilled cheese. All in all, when you look at servings and costs per serving, we have spent just over $5 on two meals. Not bad at all.

I know very little about eating vegetarianish. (That’s vegetarian-like.) I know I do not want to go completely meatless as I believe that some meat can be healthy for your body (and I also just like it), and it’s not a spiritual thing for me so I am not even considering veganism. But I do feel very strongly about saving money and eating healthy, and vegetarianish meals are awesome at that. For instance, take a look at this website, If you look at their lunch/dinner selections, you can easily see how you could incorporate chicken or ground turkey into the dishes to appease meat-lovers and still keep it under budget. So I’m going to try that and see just how much of a hippie I become.

Maybe I’ll lose some weight, ya think? It wouldn’t be terrible if I became mostly vegetarian and dropped 50 lbs.

Hippie is better than hippy, after all. Ha! I crack myself up.



  1. I wish I could replace meat with beans. But no one besides myself will eat beans. EVEN in chili my husband complains if there are too many kidney beans. lol

  2. all you is actually put out by you-know-who. but you probably already knew that.

    Itoo am constantly in search of healthy and budget conscious recipes. it can be so frustrating! i just made my own tortilla chips tonight, with tortillas and olive oil, because i could get like a million tortillias for the same price as a bag of chips. and they turned out pretty good, if i do say so myself….

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