Posted by: angelnorman | December 10, 2007

Pilates and posh.

Victoria Beckham is the devil in disguise. Did you hear about her new Japanese fat faced “sculpting” cosmetics line? Well, allow me to enlighten you. The world is full of causes to fight against— pollution, disease, famine, and fear. Seems that Posh is less worried about those sorts of things and is more concerned with the fat faces of Asia. She says that many women in Japan are overly self-conscious because their faces are too round, so she has created a cosmetics line specifically to highlight and sculpt their faces… Oh geez. These days, every celebrity is trying to do good for the world in some way and they’re all missing the mark IMO, whether they’re spreading the news about driving our Hummers a little less for the sake of saving our planet from toxic fumes or creating makeup to save Japanese women from their sagging self-esteem.

You know, I oughta lighten up on them. At least they’re doing something. So many folks still do nothing at all. But it still baffles me, kinda like the whole laptop charity. Something is wrong with the brains of people who think computers and makeup heal the world. Why not give some much-needed cash to, I don’t know, save women from domestic violence? Um… ensure that at least some women will not be sold into slavery? Uhhh… how about planting some trees? Feeding some kids? Giving medicine to Africa? Education for third world countries?


This morning I woke up and decided that today would be THE day, which is to say that today, I started exercising again. I have not exercised in… um… let’s see… Okay, well I have no idea how long it’s been, so that should tell you something. So I got up, piddled around for a bit, knitted some, watched Forget Paris (oh Billy Crystal, how I love thee!), drank a latte, had some oatmeal, and then finally decided that yes, today was MY day. I am reclaiming my body.

Now I thought that perhaps after reading all about Poshy this morning, I would title this blog “Posh is the devil” but after my workout, which came after I caught up on my blog readings, I came up with a new one. PILATES are the Devil.

Seriously, I have one word to say about it and that word, quite simply, is “Ow.”

I forgot how badly 100s hurt. I forgot how much my abs could burn. And I forgot that I would pull every muscle in my shoulders and hips trying to correct my form.But somehow, I managed to do at least 20 minutes of it without dying. Now I have plans to do it again during naptime, and to try and fit in a nice long walk around the ‘hood at some point too. But my kid is being a total sleepyhead so I guess that will just need to wait.


I got a facebook account. Don’t ask me why, because honestly, I don’t understand it. But A recommends it and I accepted her invite, so that is where we are on this matter.



  1. poh also just got her implants removes so that her boobs would not pop out on tour. nice.

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