Posted by: angelnorman | December 13, 2007

(Hypothetical) Diabetes and Me

What does it feel like to hear the words, “Sounds to me like you might have diabetes” ??? Well, at the risk of sounding overly dramatic, to me it sounded like a bit of a death sentence. I guess it freaks me out so badly because people die of complications with diabetes, and anything that can kill me is just scary, I’m sorry. Call me dramatic if you must, but it really freaked me out yesterday. I basically went in and was told that I either have what my mom has or what my sister has, and neither is a wonderful thing to have. The only silver lining I could find was that she didn’t say the “c” word… that would have been a much bigger bomb dropped on me, I’d think.

This morning though, I’m looking at it all through different eyes. I don’t KNOW if I have diabetes for sure or not, so I’m not going to worry too much. I won’t know for certain until after my bloodwork is performed. She wants to do an in-depth blood test that takes two hours and involves drinking a drink, much like the gestational diabetes test I did 3 years ago I imagine. So I’m calmer because I keep thinking about how she told me while I was pregnant that she thought I’d be a likely candidate for gestational diabetes and I really shocked her when my blood sugar was on the lower end of the spectrum after having drank that sugar water. I’m confident in the possibility that I might not have diabetes at all.

On the flip side though, I’m not taking this lightly. One… It wouldn’t kill me to drop a few pounds and watch what I eat. After all, I weighed yesterday and it was NOT good. I am now fatter than I ever have been without being pregnant.Two- watching our sugar intake around here wouldn’t be a bad idea. We eat so badly and this is a good opportunity to change that a little. No more cookies, no more cake, no more coffee with sugar, no more diet coke. Or at least none of those things in excess.

This morning I wrote down all I had for breakfast, and I counted up the carbs and learned that I had eaten 55 carbs, which is still okay for a meal but according to this website, only for maintaining the weight. Since I want to lose, I’m going to have to limit the carbs big time. P.S. 55 carbs was only half a bagel with FF cream cheese, a glass of milk, and 6 oz. of lite yogurt. It doesn’t take long for that sort of stuff to add up.

In good news though… my morning breakfast was 375 calories and only 6 g of fat. Woo.

So if you come over here and you see all this sugar free stuff, don’t be surprised.



  1. ❤ The more whole foods you can get into your diet the better. Reducing the meat in your recipes like you are starting this week, eating more fresh fruits & veggies, and moving all of your breads & pastas to whole grain will really make a difference.
    And never fear for your sweet tooth. Honey (the less processed the better) is ok for diabetics. You can sweeten recipes, tea, and I'd think even coffee with it.
    Put this book on your Christmas list:

    Oh and patiently await the release of Diab:


  2. Yay! We can do this together..I”m a cold turkey type person..and although “all in moderation” works with other foods…when it comes to sugars…in order for me to lose weight..I need to get rid of them completely and not tempt myself sparatically. I’m planning on getting rid of cokes and chocolate here very shortly. Hope you know that I”m here for you..and I think you have a great attitude.

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