Posted by: angelnorman | December 22, 2007

Well that’s just silly. Who fights about that?

Last night I cried. Why? Because I was pissed at Michael and I didn’t know how to rationally work it out without yelling and fighting. We went to bed with him on the couch and me in my room alone, crying about the argument and how much I missed Nick. I think that Nick is the only thing that makes me happy these days, and so him not being here the past two days hasn’t been as nice as I would have thought a break might be. I’m sure he’s had fun and I’d rather him not be here if Mike and I aren’t even going to be civil, but I desperately missed him, and those hugs of his that include his little hand patting on my back. I could have used one of those last night.

And to be fair, Christmas makes me happy too, but even Christmas wasn’t as merry and fa-la-la-la-la as it normally might be for me last night.

You see, I asked Mike that part of my Christmas present from him be that he and I go out and do some Christmasy stuff together, like look at Christmas lights or something. We had done our Christmas shopping seperately, and by that I of course mean that he shopped for my stuff while I shopped for everyone else. And we haven’t spent as much one-on-one time together as we could have. I thought that the last two nights, while Nick was having a blast at my mom’s house, were the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together.

So we’re in line on Hamilton, waiting to watch the lights show. From where we are, we can see it just fine, and we’re watching it go. (It was very neat.) So there I am… I am smiling and I am happy. Life is good. All is well… till I look over and see Michael nodding off at the wheel! I’m there hoping to enjoy some Christmas cheer with my husband and he is so bored by it that he chooses to sleep instead.

Wow. So glad we could entertain you. Ass.

So the real fight here I suppose was that once again, something that is important to me is not as important to him and I feel overlooked, stifled, and unhappy.

What to do? Well, we finally concluded our night by making a pact to get through the holidays without arguing too much and by really emphasizing some things for Nick so that Christmas will not lose its cheer for him. But I don’t know what we’re going to do about us.

It’s beyond agreeing to disagree now.



  1. I’m sorry…seems to be contagious these days. I hate fights. But, I do love you guys..and love love love is what I want more of. Kenny and I are like that a lot too..this week ecspecially…hopefully come the new year..things will settle into place for everyone!

  2. 😦 I’m sorry. That sucks.

  3. is there something going around…a virus or bug perhaps that only effects men….or is it that us women do SO much around this time of year that everything comes to a head…you are not alone my soul sista…i lurve you


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