Posted by: angelnorman | December 29, 2007

creative urge strikes again.

I am in such a creative mood, I can hardly see straight. It is surely withdrawal from Christmas gifting. I spent three whole weeks making something and I am now feeling the pull to make anything. Oh, the life of a creative person!

I don’t know if I expressed myself fully before when I said it was a homemade Christmas this year. I made about, let me think, 9 dozen cookies from scratch, 2 of which turned out horribly and the remaining 7 of which was divided between 14 giftees. If I never see another cookie again, I will surely be okay with this.

I made Nick’s scarf, and I sewed buttons on it and everything.

I made soap.

I made body scrubs.

I made beautifully packaged gifts.

I made ornaments. Lots of them.

And I made my first ever cheesecake. It immediately made me think a lot of my friend Brian, who, as a heterosexual bachelor mind you, made me a really awesome cheesecake once from scratch on his own. I underestimated the process and appreciated the gesture a lot more after making my own and worrying about it cooking too long and drying out. The end result was worth all stress.

The best gift I received is the way I made people say, “Mmm. This is delicious.” or “Oh how cute is this little ornament!” or “Gee, I wonder who made this? Miss Craftypants over there!”

I love that sort of approval. Is that pathetic? Maybe.

A trip to Michael’s is inevitable today.



  1. I like that sort of approval too. I made lots of things for Christmas gifts. I’ve yet to decide if anyone liked them. Michael said they were cool. I mean, I just wish someone would tell me so that I’ll know whether or not to ever bother doing it again, ya know? If my homemade gifts were cool then, great, I have some stuff that I can sell at craft sells now. Word!

    What kinds of ornaments did you make?

  2. I made angels and snowmen. I bought the supplies through Oriental Trading and just adapted them to fit my needs. I didn’t like the way they suggested I make them, go figure 🙂

  3. Yeah my family has started calling me homemade shea….i got a gift card from michaels burning a hole in my pocket…..

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