Posted by: angelnorman | December 30, 2007

burning the midnight oil

no carbon offsets required. it’s a boo-boo pillow, freezer-ready. you can also microwave it for 10 seconds or so and use it as a handwarmer on cold days.

 no making fun of my hand-stitching. i didn’t feel like dragging out the sewing machine.

but i wouldn’t be surprised if i don’t develop arthritis in my hands, what between knitting and sewing and typing today.

For bumps, bruises, and kids that whine a lot.



  1. I don’t know why…but I never noticed that this was a boo-boo pillow. I need to focus more on details (even though I detail too much in my head LOL) But, that just never clicked~!. Wow, I want to make some inspire me so much! This is great! Now I really need to do scrapbooking!

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