Posted by: angelnorman | January 9, 2008

I’m title-less.

I thought not having periods made me depressed. Then I had a period and was fine for maybe a week and now here I am again, and things are not just right. I feel like I have to put this out there because I fear it’s noticeable. Something is noticeable if on Christmas Eve, one of my younger cousins asks to speak with me in private and addresses her concerns about my mental (in)stability, right? So I’m writing to say that something’s amiss to fill in the blanks for you.

You know, just in case I exhibit any strange behavior.


I’m in love with my husband. Tonight I sat on the couch and listened to him give someone advice over the phone. This person was a woman, one we are related to so don’t think anything bad is going on or whatever, but I can’t give details just yet. Anyways, so he was there on the couch and he was telling her not to worry, to live for herself and her child, to say to hell with the world and what the world thinks…. and I realized that Mike is my greatest friend. He gives wonderful advice, he does. And he always listens, even if he doesn’t agree, when he knows listening is necessary. I think it is an incredibly loving and kind gesture on his behalf, and it makes me really appreciate his contribution to my emotional well-being. I’m thankful God brought me such a wonderful best friend, even if he does so many things to piss me off on a daily basis. Kidding! It’s not daily.


Tonight we were watching Conan and he had this lady from the Big Apple Circus on who performs with her dogs, and it was as awesome as I’m sure you can imagine. Anyhow, we were really impressed with these dogs and the ducking and walking on their hindlegs and the flipping… So Mike asks aloud, “Why can’t you guys do that?”, obviously addressed at our dogs, Roscoe and Alex. And both Mike and I sat up a little and looked down below our feet where the dogs were laying, and we burst into laughter at the same time. What did we see? Roscoe and Alex, laying on their backs, all flipped over with their penises exposed, fat stomachs just hanging all out…. And it’s just so ironic really. Here we were watching these really talented dogs perform on television and there were our dogs at our feet, sprawled out and lazy. Just like us really, but it was hilarious nonetheless.

Many jokes about their laziness ensued. I think I laughed for 5 solid minutes without really being able to breathe much.


We went to our friend’s house today, and on the way home Nicholas says, “Mommy, I love you a lot.” It was the sweetest thing. About thirty seconds later, he threw up and almost choked on it. Not sure what that was about.

He’s fine now. He never threw up again, but he also has had no appetite and very little energy to run around. He’s sleeping very peacefully though as I type. I hope he rests it all out.

Another really cute thing he says: Ray-git. That’s his word for radio. Every night he requests we turn on his ray-git. Well it’s more like he just hollers out, “RAY-GIT!” as we’re shutting his door. But here recently, he’s requested specifically to hear “moo-git”, which of course is music. So he likes to hear “Moogit on the Ray-git.” Now how’s that for inventive?

Wow scary. He just came in here wielding a plastic light saber. Speak of peaceful sleeping and the exact opposite is sure to occur. Fabulous.

I’d show you a picture but he’s pretty ticked off that I have my camera in his face. I took one, but no time to upload. Sorry. Just imagine something very angry and mean with blonde hair and big blue eyes. Aw.


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