Posted by: angelnorman | January 15, 2008

Coffees, bagels, diet cokes– Things I suffered without this morning.

What’s worse than fasting for 13 hours (and craving a diet coke while knowing you have three ice cold 2 liters of it rolling around in your trunk), being stuck in a doctor’s office for two hours, and having both arms pricked all for the sake of a diagnosis to a problem you’ve been dealing with for 12 years now? How about doing all that while listening to some incredibly lame dude argue with his pregnant wife about how they would NOT be naming their son George, Allister, or Roy.

That was my morning. My favorite part is when he said that he had experienced something similar to the pain of labor. Oh, and when he said that if they didn’t settle on a name, then he would flip out… to which she answered, “Well suppose we settle on a name but I change it in a few months” to which he then replies, “Well I know that’s a possibility because you’ll be all pregnant and crazy.”

Wow dude.

But it wasn’t all bad. I actually read the December 07 and the February 08 Wondertime magazine cover to cover. I got lost in the articles and parenting tips and managed somehow to not notice the time ticking by…. which was good because again, I was there for TWO HOURS. And it was a nice break from the house and Nick and Mike… although I did miss them terribly and broke the “no cell phones” rule to call and check on them. Twice.

I also promised Nick that when I got home I’d take him to Build-A-Bear. What the heck was I thinking? And at naptime? Hm. Someone check my head please. I think it was overexposure to pregnant bellies and cute toddlers who told everyone all about their future brothers and/or sisters. It definitely moved me.

In other news, I’m arranging a MNI for tomorrow. I want it to be fabulous. Now to come up with a theme and food ideas and all. Ooh. I haven’t thrown a last minute party in ages. I’m suddenly very turned-on. Engines revving and all, not in the sexual sense you dirty minded freaks.



  1. oh i see. i love waiting rooms now. it’s the best time to read. it’s really not that bad, huh? i’m sorry you still have to wait to find out what’s going on. but i think an answer will really help calm your nerves. anyway, i’m sure i can find a way out of the house tomorrow night. it’s that time of the month so he’s not expecting to get any or anything;)

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