Posted by: angelnorman | January 25, 2008

There should be a vaccine for this disease.

In the past two months I have come to realize that I am no longer the queen of this castle. There’s a new ruler in town, and her name is “Stuff.” Stuff is everywhere. There’s no hiding from her, no way to get her off your back when she starts nagging at you. There’s no way of controlling her and how much of her claims our rooms as her territory, her “home”. She simply enters this house and few things ever go out to make room for her, so needless to say, there’s a plethora of stuff in my home and quite frankly, I’m ready to overthrow her regime and take back the control of my kingdom.

Alright, enough of the metaphors.

The worst room in this house is by far the office. My office is intended for use as a third bedroom, but because we have two computers and only one child, we have no need to use the office as a bedroom. Thus we made the office, well… an office. The closet came equipped like most bedroom closets with one single rack for clothing and space on top of the rack to stack things like sweaters or blankets or whatnot. We have used it to house our board game collection, which has been steady growing for 4 years now. We put an old bookshelf in the closet and that is where we stack things like photo albums, etc. It’s not pretty but it has always been functional. At least I could say that.

That is until I became an avid crafter and Nick started getting his own art supplies and board games.

Suddenly, the chaos is beyond my control. Nick and his friends have trampled on things in the bottom of the closet that fell from one of the shelves… They have removed the games and not put them back properly. I mean, they’re toddlers. It’s what they do. The real issue with that is that I haven’t gone behind him and reorganized the closet in many weeks so now I’m faced with this huge mess of stuff just waiting to be dealt with.

You see…My closet is not only full to the brim, but it’s having to house everything that the office needs. Because you see, our office is now more than an office. It’s where I craft the most often. It’s where Nick and I do art, if not in the living room. And our closet has tried its hardest I’m sure to meet that need, but being that we’re packrats, we’re not properly handling it. I mean, take a look and see for yourself…




And you can’t see the floor– or shut the doors anymore, needless to say.

It’s like a bad horror movie everytime I come into this room. I look at the closet and suddenly remember that I’ve not dealt with this issue yet. “Oh yeah. That.” But I’ve decided this week, thanks to some motivation from my pal E, who is also suffering from too much stuff in her home and garage, that I would do something about it. E and I have worked out a plan where we do something every week to control the clutter. It could be just setting aside money for the shelving units we need… Or it could be cleaning and donating stuff to the Goodwill. Whatever the case, we’re doing one thing here and there towards positive change. A much needed change in that department for me!

And this weekend, my goal is to go and puchase the shelving I need… Or at least look into it.


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