Posted by: angelnorman | January 31, 2008

Getting back on track. Kinda.

Hello, blog. And blog readers.

No, I haven’t lost in piles of things to organize, but thanks for wondering. I’ve just been exceptionally busy trying to care for a friend of mine who hurt her back recently. I’ve been at her house from morning till night every single day this week, save for today. My sole job has been to do her housework and to help her with her children. I am exhausted, yes, but I feel good about having been able to be there to help her. We accomplished SO much.

Now if only I could regain control of my house.

How can it be so filthy when I haven’t even been here? I can tell you why. First, I’ve had no energy to come home and straighten anything. I have dropped my coat and bags at the door every night, and left them there without worry. Second, I have failed to clean up messes I’ve spilled– like the contact solution that is all over my bathroom countertop. And I’ve thirdly neglected laundry and instead of keeping clothes in organized hampers just waiting to throw them in the machine, I stripped myself and threw all my dirty clothes anywhere I desired. Bedroom floor. Living room. Kitchen even.

And that’s just me. There are two other messy people living under this roof.


A typical conversation with Nicholas after we go to the Y:

Us: Did you have fun at the Y tonight, Nick?
Nicholas: No. He hit me.
Us: Who hit you?
Nicholas: That purple boy. (Meaning the boy wearing purple.)

Me: Would you like mommy to have a baby for you to play with?
Nick: Yes.
Me: Would like a boy baby or a girl baby?
Nick: I want a truck.

Nicholas, while handing me a Bible at the Eye Dr’s office: I want to read this one, mommy.
Me, a tad hesitant: Okay…. you can look at it.
He opens the book to the first chapter of Genesis.
Nicholas: What does this say?
Me: It says in the beginning, God made the Earth and everything on it. Even people.
Nicholas, turning the page again: What does this say?
Me: That talks about Adam and Eve, the first people.
Nicholas, after turning the page: What does this say?
Me: That’s about Cain and Abel, the first kids.
We got all the way up to Abraham and Isaac. Finally, he grows tired of it and shuts the Bible. Instead of putting it back, he takes the Bible to Mike and says, “I’m reading a book about CAIN!”

Should I worry that my kid picks the first murderer to focus on?!?! 😀


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