Posted by: angelnorman | February 1, 2008

Cold days for such a warm month.

Welcome, February– coldest month of the year for my neck of the woods. If Nashville and its outlying areas are to get any lasting snow, February seems to be the month in which it typically occurs, or perhaps that’s just some fluke of the last couple of years. Still, Nicholas’s first two years were graced by falling snowflakes, each time in the beginning to middle part of February. So I’m looking forward to what this February brings.

I am starting a personal project I call “Heartfelt February” today! I’m so excited about this, because I’ve been thinking about it for weeks. My goal is to write more love notes, love letters, send more ecards, and shower those I love more this entire month than I ever have in my life. It’s going to be tough, but it’s also going to be so fun! I’ve arranged a whole host of crafts with a love-related theme to keep me on track too. Woot.

Here’s today’s craft.

Melted Crayon hearts.


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