Posted by: angelnorman | February 2, 2008

Going, going…

I set an appointment for Mike to get a one-hour massage today. I’m slightly jealous of my own kindness towards him. (Don’t judge me! It’s a hot stone massage, people! You know how I love this stuff.) The truth is though that he called me yesterday, thanking me for an e-card I sent his way, and in the same phone conversation, he told me he had booked the b&b in Chattanooga. I was of course thrilled. Almost all vacation or even mini-getaway plans are made by me, so this is the first time he’s ever taken it upon himself to handle the details.

That was a lovely gesture on his part, especially since he wasn’t as fond as I was of the b&b idea. He wanted to go and stay at the Chattanoogan again, where there was a spa, and valet parking, and a martini bar where he could spend $50 on four martinis, get me loaded, and then later take advantage of me. So I thought I would at least give him the massage part as a seperate gift for Valentine’s day. All I expect in return is lots of chocolate, though if he wanted to give me a massage, I certainly wouldn’t complain 🙂

Speaking of our getaway though… He scored us a room that has this description:

“a king-size rice bed with a gas fireplace and a breathtaking, panoramic view of the Tennessee River. This room offers a romantic setting, complete with a rose motif, hardwood floors and a spacious bathroom with a separate bathtub and step-in shower…”

Sounds perfect to me. Our intent is to not leave the room much. We just want to relax and unwind in a home we don’t have to clean. We want to kick back, read the paper, take a bath, catch up on our books, NAP!, etc. Normal stuff that sometimes doesn’t get to happen much around here because we’re all caught up in routine and schedules. Just reading the description gives me a sense of peace though, and I can’t wait to go. It conjures images of a roaring fire blazing in the fireplace across from the bed, where both Mike and I sit, reading our books and just being near each other for more than 3 minutes. Because you know, every three minutes, one of us has a toddler to tend to.

No demands for milk. No screaming out for us to come and cover him up because he got out of bed despite our instruction not to and now he’s refusing to cover himself back up. What happens to toddlers that, upon their third birthday, suddenly turns them all into lazybones? Nick makes us do everything for him these days. He will literally lay in his bed and scream at the top of his lungs until we oblige him. It’s absolutely ridiculous, and something we have been trying to work hard at ignoring and correcting, but as was evident at 3 am this morning, the lessons are not sinking in.

Anyways, back to my getaway plans. Our plan is to drive to Atlanta on Sunday morning, stay a day there visiting with our friends and hitting up IKEA as planned, then coming back on Monday afternoon to check into our b&b, where we will stay holed up until Wednesday, when it’s time to get back to the grind because Mike cannot miss school.

Tonight my dear sweet mother is taking Nick for the evening so I can go out for a bit. I need a little bit of a break before our trip if you know what I mean, even just to go see a movie and zone out for a bit. I’m just so tired lately, and my patience is incredibly worn thin. I have noticed myself becoming more and more perturbed with Nick by the second, to the point where I sorta freak myself out. Like, I shouldn’t even come to the point where I feel like I’m no longer in control of the situation, should I? I mean it seems so awful of me to shout as often as I do. It makes me feel bad. It’s not conducive to the peaceful environment I long to live in, and it takes away my confidence that I’m being the best mother I can be. So I think Nick and I both just need a small change of scenery for a little while, even if only overnight. Maybe that will help me to last through the coming weeks. And maybe then our getaway trip will be more time for Nick to have a break from us because he’ll actually be with my mom and then our friend J for… 4 nights without us. Four whole days.

Someone once told me that her pediatrician wisely proclaimed to her that “your children get as sick of you as you do of them”. It always seemed so crass to just lay it out like that, but then if you look at the situation realistically, it makes perfect sense. Why wouldn’t Nick get tired of the same ol’, same ol’ if I get tired of that too? Why wouldn’t Nick lose patience with me, if I lose patience with him? I mean, he is, after all, human. With a human personality all his own. So this getaway of ours- it’ll be good for him too. I’ll miss him of course but I think this time I am absolutely ready to have a few days to myself. 

Especially since chocolate covered strawberries and champagne are involved. 



  1. Sounds heavenly. I pray that in the near future my Michael and I can afford such a getaway. And enjoy the heck out of IKEA!! Nick will be so much cuter when you see him on Wednesday!!

  2. I. AM. SO. EXCITED. FOR. YOU!!!!!

    that is so wonderful. You deserve it! You will come home refreshed and relaxed and so will nick.

    and i totally identify with the feeling that you are pertubed with your child(ren) to the point where you almost scare yourself. I have been there, I am there.

    Today I made an annoyed face and gesture at once of my children behind thier back, only to notice that they saw it, understood it, and burst into tears. I felt as if I had broken his spirit. i felt awful. worst. mother. ever.

    Now, I didn’t mean to be a downer sharing that story, I just wanted you to know you’re not alone.

    nothing like motherhood to bring out the best and the worst in you. at the same time.

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