Posted by: angelnorman | February 4, 2008

Cheekbones and random sleepiness.

I am physically tired lately so much more than what is normal for me. Every night, I start to lose the ability to keep my eyes open usually by 7:30 pm. Last Wednesday, I fell asleep before LOST came on, so this should just tell you how much I cannot control the sleepiness. Anyone who knows me well knows I would never just allow myself to fall asleep before the return of my favorite show to television. (Don’t worry… I recorded it. Yay DVR!)

On Thursday, I went to bed at 8:30. On Friday, 9:30. Saturday I stayed up till 12:30 AM on Sunday morning. Then on Sunday it was back to bed at 8. I missed the Giants take the lead. I am however, very proud of Manning. Go Eli.

So I called my doctor. I’m not sure if it’s the medicines I’m taking or if it’s simply because my body is changing– I’ve been working out more, I’ve tried eating less “crap” (although we’ve had so much take-out in the last two weeks so maybe I’m just kidding myself about how much “goodness” I’ve consumed really.) And of course, it could be that I’ve been on the go for a solid week and a half. And Nick is sick and sleeping with us most nights, so there’s the whole me waking up every hour and a half to remove a foot from my spine thing. Anyways, the nurse says the stomach issues are totally because of the metformin but the tiredness is inexplicable. I think it might be everything I’ve just mentioned, the fact that I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off, and also the fact that I’m about to start my period– all these things combined make for a very overwhelmed Angel indeed.

Tomorrow I start work on organizing my bedroom closet and Nick’s bedroom closet. I’m going to buy some big tubs to help get the clothes in order. I also need to hit up Hobby Lobby because there is supposedly a yarn sale. You know I’m all about that. Speaking of yarn– I was asked to knit up some baby blankets for a local church to give its expecting mothers as gifts. I’m so excited to do this, guys, you have no idea. There’s nothing better than knitting for a cause, and I can think of no greater cause than warming a baby.

Today I went out and got myself a new hairstyle. It’s very similar to one I had like 5 years ago, but few things are original these days, so I shouldn’t expect so much of myself I don’t suppose.


Granny, just in case you’re up there in heaven taking some time to read my blog, I want you to know that the lady who cut my hair told me today that I had lovely cheekbones. Isn’t that funny? No one ever comments on people’s cheekbones anymore, do they? Anyways, I thanked her and told her that I got them from you– and it’s so true. Ours are just alike really! So I guess what I am trying to say is, thanks for my lovely cheekbones!



  1. O. M. G. You’re hair looks fantastic! I love it! and thats a great picture of you two!

    and i was way proud that Eli squashed Mr. Brady too. That was actually the only part I watched.

  2. i love your hair! it really suits you.

    and for the record, i went to bed at SEVEN on Friday night. That’s right. SEVEN. I got up at seven the next morning!!

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