Posted by: angelnorman | February 5, 2008

Nobody likes a kiss ass…

…except for maybe Tennesseeans. BOO, you guys. Boo.

Okay, I can’t talk. I am not even a registered voter. *Huge waves of shame envelop me even as I type.*  But c’mon. She’s got you all fooled if you’re thinking she stands for much of anything. The whole issue is that she’ll stand for anything at all!

So this is how I intend to vote in November. If it’s Hillary vesus McCain… I’m going McCain. I don’t even care if it’s not the same issues. I cannot stand Hillary. She bends and flexes to accomodate everyone and I think a leader needs to be steadfast and consistent. So let’s just hope that it’s Obama v. McCain so I don’t need to worry about it.

 P.S. I hate how the race card is constantly played. The only thing that is worse is the gender card.

P.S. again… I’m all fired up about politics today because when I tried to talk to someone about it, they threw a huge fit about how we should drop it because politics piss them off (nevermind that they then launched into a 5 minute speech about how awesome their candidate is), and they even went as far to attack Obama because of his name and his middle-Eastern heritage. No doubt because of the emails circulating about him refusing to be sworn in to the Senate using the Bible and instead using the Quran to be sworn in– which incidentally, big surprise, is NOT TRUE. (And let’s not attack someone because of a family name. Having a similar name to a terrorist does not automatically mean you yourself are like that person. For the love of pete!) So I’ve got this all bottled up inside and I’m sorry for the political talk. But I love Obama. And I hate this, TN. You’ve let me down. It’s time to move to GA to live with people who think like me.

But again. This is coming from the girl who filled out the voter’s registration in 2003 and never mailed it in.

Come November though, I’ll be a voting fool.  Watch out, America!


What’s up with 75-degree weather in February? Are you kidding me?!



  1. Hey, it ain’t over til the fat lady sings… or the black man wins. So, get your butt up, register, and we’ll campaign the heck out of Mr. Obama, ahite?

  2. You can’t blame me, I voted obama, baby!! I was SORELY dissapointed when i saw the results. Felt like harold ford jr. all over again.

    I’m convinced its uneducated voters who chose hilary, not as in stupid people, but as in people who just went in and voted for who they knew (as in clintons)…. but it aint over yet. so register that ass and lets get out there and educate! YES WE CAN!

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