Posted by: angelnorman | February 6, 2008

Just me and Mister Boy.

The perfect day began with the completion of my first “perfect for me to go beyond scarves” project.

And then picnics in our pajamas.

We opened the windows and let the house fill with the cool breeze, which was still sort of heavy with the scent of rain from last nights crazy thunderstorms.

We had lunches that were healthy- with lots of whole wheat and all food groups accounted for. No ordering take-out today, not on our perfect day.

“I don’t like strawberries, mama. I like apples and ‘manas’.”

We shared secrets and talked about everything we love. Don’t tell anyone, but Nicholas’s favorite food is string cheese and his favorite color is red (but he likes green too like on his cool dinosaur pajamas).

We played “I spy” through the toilet paper roll. Nicholas spied someone trying to snap yet another picture of him!

We rounded out the day with a nice nap in Mama’s bed.

But it wouldn’t have ended perfectly without all the love that we shared today.

Sometimes, it’s good to just stay home and spend time with one another. We’re so lucky that we get that chance anytime we please. From now on, we’re going to have more days like today.

Tomorrow we’re going to the doctor and then making Valentines cards for all our loved ones! 🙂 More pics to come I’m sure.


Today Nicholas put his arm around me and said, “I love you, Mister Boy!” He also called me “Poot-Baby” and just “Poots” on occasion. Silly kid.



  1. Awesome..I”m so glad that you guys had a special day together…I hope Nick yelled “I’m a boy!” for you. That always makes me smile.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the knitting project. I need to learn so badly for when I have nothing to do after my surgery..I will knit!

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