Posted by: angelnorman | February 12, 2008

There’s always something to do.

Chattanooga cannot come quickly enough. I’m sick to death of not being able to focus on what needs to be done because mentally, I’m no longer living in the now. It’s like I was telling my friends this morning over brunch… I am already in Chattanooga. I may be physically here but in my mind, I’m curled up by the fire reading Middlesex. My sights are set on this weekend, on seeing my sweet friends Steve and Carrie, on finally having a good night’s sleep, on being able to take a bubble bath without someone dipping their hands into my water and saying, “Bubbles! Ooohh.” while stripping themselves so they can join me.

Seriously. My last 5 bubble baths have included someone else, somehow. And my last three showers have been ones in which I freeze my ass off because someone will not leave the shower curtain alone. (I hate to point the finger of blame here but it’s totally Nick who is doing all this to torment me.)

So here is everything I need to do just in the next few days…
1. Go to the bank. And…Drop the cards off at the post office.
2. Go to Bible study.
3. Attend yet another Valentine’s Day party for my kid.
4. Do laundry and pack.
5. Clean bedroom, get closet organized, and pack for Chattanooga.
6. Clean the rest of the house. A complete deep clean.
7. Get Nick’s 3 year checkup.
8. Babysit for Jen.
9. Try to find some afternoon time to go to the Y!
10. Try to go to the eye doctor and see if my glasses can be repaired or try to buy new ones.

I have 3 days to do this in and yet somehow, I just don’t see it happening. Keep in mind that I can do nothing Thursday or Friday nights because it’s Valentine’s Day and the last full night we’ll be with Nick before our vacation, so we want to make sure to not have anything but spending time with one another going on. And I’m not one of those supermoms who can fill their entire days with things like that and be sane at the end of it all. So I’m looking at the next few days and thinking I’m going to more than likely lose it.

I apologize in advance for any craziness you may experience while dealing with me.

However, I’d like you all to know that for the Valentine’s Day party tomorrow, I have purchased PREMADE Valentine’s cards with Spiderman on them. Suckers included. Yay for not handmaking something and saving a shred of my sanity for a day when I’ll really need it. Like tomorrow.


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